Mar 28, 2008

Our weekend out of town

This weekend we went to visit some very dear friends of ours in Indiana. Ayla cried just about the whole weekend as usual and you could tell that she wasnt feeling well. It was very apparent that her knee was extremely swollen, you could even see if through her pants because her pants were tighter on that knee. We were still giving her Ibuprofen because our pharmacy did not have naproxen stocked before we left. On Sunday morning when we got up to leave she was limping pretty bad. Of course she cried all morning until we left and needless to say, it was a miserable 5 1/2 hours ride home. We stopped at the pharmacy before we got to the house and Ayla was crying to get out. We got her out and she could barely walk. My husband and I just looked at each other and almost cried. This was the worse we had seen her and it was just heartbreaking. We were just praying that this medince would help her.

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