Oct 27, 2009

Just a Few Things

Just a few things since I am sooo behind in posts lately! Last week our computer crashed. One minute it was working, the next it was not! I took it to the computer store and they suggested that we buy another computer-Great! (I just love spending Christmas money on a new computer). Luckily, they were able to save the hard drive so I can transfer everything over to our new computer. It took me three days to transfer my pictures. I was so glad that we were able to get those back, that was what I was most upset about.

So the day after we got our new computer up and running, our printer decided to give us problems. After spending a whole day taking the printer apart, I finally and still have no idea how, got the printer working again. Yeah, last week was AWESOME!!

So now that everything is working, I am trying to get caught up on everything. I sell most of my children's clothes on ebay every season and I am sooo behind. I normally have everything listed and sold by now, so I have to start on that this week.

On to other things.........

Miss Ayla had her three year old Dr's appointment a couple of weeks ago. I went ahead and took all three kids at one time because they all needed the flu shot and it was a total fiasco. Note to self, *Never take all three kids to the Dr at the same time*. When I picked Kaleb up from school this is what he looked like

Lesli's I Phone 334

Nice hu? The boxer's over the shorts just may be the new trend..haha!

He wanted to know if I had brought him an extra change of clothes (apparently he had sent me a text from school) in which I didn't. I forgot it was wacky Wednesday at school and so at least he gave everyone a laugh at the Dr's Office.

Ayla is doing very well, she weighed in at 32 pounds and is a whopping 39 inches tall. She is very tall for her age, everyone always thinks she is older. There was a period last year from November to April while she was on oral steroids, that she grew very little if any at all, so she is definitely catching up!

Ayla did well while the Dr checked her out. Her pediatrician is so funny and Ayla really liked him. She sat there the whole time and let him check her out (first time ever). He is really funny and she said he was a silly clown-Ha. He did notice that Ayla has a heart murmur, but he said that it was nothing to worry about.

Another reason I am so behind on blogging is because since Miss Ayla has turned three, she has decided that she will no longer take naps. Oh how I miss my quiet time. This was when I would sit down, relax and blog. So unfortunately that is not the case anymore.


In addition to Ayla not taking naps, she is also getting out of her bed all night long and getting into our bed. I keep putting her back in her bed and she will sleep for a few hours and get up again. I am so exhausted, I honestly do not know what to do. I have been letting her sleep with us after she gets up the third or fourth time for no other reason than I need to get some sleep. Before learning to climb out of her crib, she slept all night every night in her bed. This is a huge change for us and I am hoping that when John is finished with her big girl bed that she will stay in it.
She is a very restless sleeper, her body jerks in her sleep often and she sqirms the whole time. So even though she is in the bed with us, it is still not a good nights sleep. I believe this is the result of the medicines she is on and so I am going to talk to her Rheumatologist about this and see what she thinks.


As I am sitting her typing this at 10:45pm, she has already been out of bed four times. The first time she said her leg hurt and she needed a ban ban (bandaid). So we got her a Dora bandaid and she went back to bed. The second time she got up she said her arm was hurting, the third her foot...get the picture!! Ah, it's going to be a long night!

Okay so lets talk about some positives. Ayla did start using the potty last week!! I am so proud of her. I told her I would get her something for using the potty and she wanted a Barbie with Babies (she saw on a commercial) so Daddy went out after work and bought her the Pediatrician Barbie. Ayla loves anything family oriented, especially babies. She loves her new barbie and plays with it all the time. She pretends to give the babies shots in their legs like Daddy does to her. It is so stinkin cute, she says, "its okay" to the babies and then rubs their legs after she gives them the shots. We also went out and bought a slew of panties last night. You have to have princess and Tinkerbell panties you know!! Hey, as long as it helps, I am all for it!


Speaking of Princess, Ayla is just now getting into all that. She knows them all and loves her Cinderella dress that Mama Sandy sent her from Disney World. It is gorgeous and I have to admit that she makes a pretty cute Princess. Every time we get ready to go somewhere she says, "Yay, we are going to Disney World" and then I have to remind her that Disney World is in Florida and about 12 hours away. Last week at our play group she told one of the mom's that she was going to Disney World like Kaleb. It was funny, we have a picture of Kaleb with Mickey Mouse when he was about 8 years old and so she says she wants to see Mickey Mouse like Kaleb...lol.. that girl, never a dull moment!!


So hopefully one day we will be able to visit the "Magical Kingdom" but until then we will just dress up like Cinderella and pretend! It's very cute and much cheaper that way!!

Oct 23, 2009

Brennan's Birthday Party

2009 Pictures 1242

We had Brennan's birthday party last Sunday and I just wanted to post a few pics of the day. It was a great day with our family and friends. Brennan had a good time and enjoyed all of his shrek decorations! He loved when everyone was singing "Happy Birthday" and the look on his face when he realized we were all singing to him was priceless!

2009 Pictures 1250

2009 Pictures 1252

2009 Pictures 1261
Daddy, Brennan and Grandpa

2009 Pictures 1296

2009 Pictures 1256

2009 Pictures 1267

2009 Pictures 1269

2009 Pictures 1289
Ayla and Uncle Dunc having fun with Shrek and Fiona

2009 Pictures 1279
Mommy's Boy

2009 Pictures 1302
Ayla and Brennan's best friend Kelcee

2009 Pictures 1274
My Two Sister's Amy and Lisa serving the cake and Ice Cream!

2009 Pictures 1239

Oct 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Brennan!

How can it be that my baby boy is now two years old? Oh, how I wish I could stop time. Brennan is the best baby anyone could ever ask for. If every child were like Brennan, life would be so easy!! He is so sweet and so loving, and those big blue eyes of his will melt your heart. Out of three, he is the most laid back and definitely the easiest to take care of. I think God knew I needed a break..lol.


I know this time next year my baby will be a toddler, I can hardly hold back the tears thinking about it. Brennan is our last baby, he completed our family of five and I am excited (but at the same time sad) to see what the future holds for him. If he is half of the man his father is, then he will be doing well!!



Brennan and Ayla are best friends. When they get up in the mornings they always hug and kiss like they haven't seen each other in days! They are getting along so well and have actually started playing well together. It is so funny to hear them talking to each other! Brennan loves his big brother as well and calls him KK. He thinks he is so funny and he is excited when Kaleb comes home from school.




Brennan still loves to read books and play with his trains. He likes the battery operated trains and I am always going around the house turning them off because he has them running everywhere! He is also obsessed with CD's or Dvd's. I don't know if it is because they are shiny or what but he carries them all the time and the first thing he wants in the morning is his CD's.
He is also still addicted to Shrek as well, we have all three movies and he thinks they are so funny. I have to say Dora may be his favorite right now, I think that "Dora" was actually his first word, oh, well I take that back, "Push Play" was his first words. He learned that from his sister. She is his little teacher, she is always saying, "Brennan say dog, Brennan say cat", and of course he plays right along with her. He actually has a large vocabulary for his age (Thanks Ayla) and talks all the time.


He is a good sleeper, I put him down around 8:30 and he sleeps until 9 in the morning. Most days he will still take a nap for a couple of hours. He loves to eat and so far I haven't found too much that he doesn't like! He truly is an amazing little boy! Brennan you are such a good baby and are loved by everyone that has had the pleasure of knowing you. You are the light of my life and I couldn't imagine life without you. I am so blessed and thankful to be your mommy!


Happy Second Birthday Brennan!

2009 Pictures 1269

I love you more than all the stars in the sky, more than all the fish in the sea and more than all the grass on the ground!! (Just a little something we made up!!)

Oct 15, 2009

Show Us Your Life- What do you make?


Oh, wow, I just happened to be reading a few of my favorite blogs, and I saw that Kelly at Kelly's corner is hosting What do you make this Friday! This is exciting because I just opened an Etsy store last week!! I have been making hairbows, clippies and jewlrey for my three year old daughter since she was a baby. I could NEVER find any bows for her and if I did they were a fortune, so I sat out on a mission to make my own. It works out better that way anyhow, that way she has a bow (and jewlrey) to match EVERY outfit..lol!!!



I started out just making them for my friends, co-workers etc, and this year I started selling them at local Arts and Crafts fairs. I had such a great response, that I decided to open an Etsy store. I also love making flower clips and so I also sell the crochet beanie hats and headbands as well!! I enjoy (trying) to be creative and so it is fun for me to do and well being a stay at home mom, it is always nice to have a little extra income!



So here is the link to my new store "My Angel Ayla Bowtique". I would love for you to visit, I hope you find something you like!! FYI- I am in the process of adding bows right now, if you have a special request, just let me know and I would love to do a custom order for you.




Thank you so much for stopping by, have a wonderful weekend!!

Oct 14, 2009

Ayla's Bed Day Two

This was the end of Day Two! John only knows one speed and that is "fast".

He is building it in our downstairs TV room because it is almost 8 foot tall and there is no other place to put it!

Once it is finished, we will have to take it apart, paint it and then reassemble it in Ayla's bedroom.

Here is the carpeted stairs

and the top play area of the bed. I am sure this is where her MANY baby dolls will live!

Not too shabby, hu?

Oct 13, 2009

The Lord's Prayer

Our Father Who Art In Heaven.
Don't interrupt me. I'm praying.
But -- you called ME!
Called you?No, I didn't call you.I'm praying.
Our Father who art in Heaven.
There -- you did it again!
Did what?
Called ME...You said,"Our Father who art in Heaven"Well, here I am.....What's on your mind?
But I didn't mean anything by it. I was, you know, just saying my prayers for the day.I always say the Lord's Prayer.It makes me feel good,kind of like fulfilling a duty.
Well, all right.Go on.
Okay, Hallowed be thy name .
Hold it right there.What do you mean by that?
By what?
By "Hallowed be thy name"?
It means, it means . . good grief, I don't know what it means.How in the world should I know?It's just a part of the prayer.By the way, what does it mean?
It means honored, holy, wonderful.
Hey, that makes sense.. I never thought about what 'hallowed' means before.Thanks.
Thy Kingdom come,Thy will be done,on earth as it is in Heaven.
Do you really mean that?
Sure, why not?
What are you doing about it?
Doing? Why, nothing, I guess.
I just think it would be kind of neat if you got
control, of everything down here like you have up
We're kinda in a mess down here you know...
Yes, I know;but, have I got control of you?
Well, I go to church.
That isn't what I asked you.What about your bad temper?You've really got a problem there, you know.And then there's the way you spend
your money -- all on yourself.And what about the kind of books you read ?
Now hold on just a minute!Stop picking on me!I'm just as good as some of the rest
of those People at church!
Excuse ME..I thought you were prayingfor my will to be done.If that is to happen,it will have to start with the oneswho are praying for it.Like you -- for example ..
Oh, all right. I guess I do have some hang-ups.Now that you mention it,I could probably name some others.
So could I.
I haven't thought about it very much until now,but I really would like to cut out some of those things.I would like to, you know, be really free.
Good.Now we're getting somewhere.
We'll work together -- You and ME.
I'm proud of You.
Look, Lord, if you don't mind,I need to finish up here.This is taking a lot longer than it usually does..
Give us this day, our daily bread.
You need to cut out the bread..You're overweight as it is.
Hey, wait a minute! What is this?Here I was doing my religious duty,and all of a sudden you break inand remind me of all my hang-ups.
Praying is a dangerous thing.You just might get what you ask for.Remember, you called ME -- and here I am.It's too late to stop now.Keep praying. ( pause . . )Well, go on.
I'm scared to.
Scared? Of what?I know what you'll say.Try ME.
Forgive us our sins,
as we forgive those who sin against us.
What about Ann?
See? I knew it!I knew you would bring her up!Why, Lord, she's told lies about me, spread stories.She never paid back the money she owes me.I've sworn to get even with her!
But -- your prayer --What about your prayer?
I didn't -- mean it..
Well, at least you're honest.But, it's quite a load carrying around all that
bitterness and resentment isn't it?
Yes, but I'll feel better as soon as I get even with her.Boy, have I got some plans for her.She'll wish she had never been born.
No, you won't feel any better.You'll feel worse.Revenge isn't sweet...You know how unhappy you are -- Well, I can change that..
You can? How?
Forgive Ann.Then, I'll forgive you;And the hate and the sin,will be Ann's problem -- not yours.You will have settled the problems far as you are concerned.
Oh, you know, you're right.You always are.And more than I want revenge,I want to be right with You . . (sigh).All right, all right . .I forgive her.There now!Wonderful!How do you feel?
Hmmmm. Well, not bad.Not bad at all!In fact, I feel pretty great!You know, I don't think I'll go to bed uptight tonight.I haven't been getting much rest, you know.
Yeah, I know.But, you're not through with your prayer, are you?
Go on....
Oh, all right.
And lead us not into temptation,but deliver us from evil.
Good! Good! I'll do that.Just don't put yourself in a placewhere you can be tempted.
What do you mean by that?
You know what I mean.
Yeah. I know.
Okay.Go ahead... Finish your prayer.
For Thine is the kingdom,and the power,and the glory forever.Amen.
Do you know what would bring me glory --What would really make me happy?
No, but I'd like to know.I want to please you now..I've really made a mess of things..I want to truly follow you...I can see now how great that would be.So, tell me . . .How do I make you happy?
YOU just did.

Oct 12, 2009

Goodbye Baby Bed, Hello Big Girl Bed

Well it seems turning three has brought many changes around the Wright household. Ayla has been sleeping in her baby bed (crib) for three years now. She has not once ever tried to climb out until LAST WEEK. Sure, I knew the time was coming, but I wasn't going to force the issue, especially considering that she sleeps all night every night for at least 12 hours!


John and I were watching TV one evening last week after we had put the kids to bed. About ten minutes after we put Ayla to bed she came skipping down the hallway and into the living room where we were sitting and said, "Ta Da" like she had just performed some magic trick. Then after seeing the shock on our faces, she so sweetly said, " I love you mom". Trying not to laugh, we told her to go get back in bed and she did. About five minutes later John was in the kitchen fixing toast and here comes Ayla again this time saying, "You fixing toast John" (yes she calls him John...alot) So we told her once again to get back in bed and do not get out again. This time she did stay in her bed and she slept all night. I was thinking to myself that was way too easy!!


Every night since then she has woke up in the middle of the night and climbed out of her bed and into ours. I let her lay with us for a minute and then I put her back in bed. She goes back to sleep but gets up very early around 7am. She used to sleep until 10 or 11 am. I am not sure why she is waking up and climbing out of bed in the middle of the night....

which brings me to my next point (bare with me, this IS going somewhere :)

we started looking at beds and debating about whether to get a toddler bed or a twin bed. I started looking at princess beds, castle beds etc.. trying to find something that I liked. A friend of mine told me about the Posh Tots website. They have very unique fantasy themed furniture and beds. If you have a moment you must look at some of their beds, they are AWESOME, but they come with an awesome price as well! They have a gorgeous carriage bed that is 75 THOUSAND dollars!! What? who in their right mind? Anywho, we got some great ideas from this website and John just decided to build a bed for Ayla. In case you want to see what a 75 Thousand dollar carriage bed looks like!!!
It is a beauty!!!

and here is the 16 THOUSAND dollar princess castle bed complete with stairs on one side and a slide on the other side!!


John was so excited about building Ayla a bed, that he went out the next morning and bought all of the materials. Without any instructions, patterns or manuals, he went to work. I am so excited about this project, I can't wait to see the final outcome. John is so creative, he can just look at something and then recreate it. I am going to keep everyone posted with pictures see you can see the progress and then the final outcome as well!

So this is what he got accomplished on Day ONE. This was at the beginning of the day




and this was at the end of the day





Wait until you see Day Two pictures, you will be amazed!!!