Aug 31, 2008

Happy Birthday~ Ayla's 2nd Birthday!!

I can't believe my little girl is two today. It just seems like yesterday that we brought her home from the hospital. Ayla has been such a blessing to us. At two years old, she has such a sweet, loving spirit. She is a little mother to her babies and of course to her bunny as well (for those who do not know, bunny hardly gets out of her sight). I tried to sneak and wash bunny last week and she cried the whole time looking for bunny. Since ten months old, she has patted them, rocked them, tried to feed them etc... She will definitely be a wonderful, loving mother one day. It's amazing to see how God has already instilled such a motherly instinct in her. Of course she loves to hug and kiss her baby brother as well. Ayla has been through a lot in her short two years, she is such a trooper, I think she is beginning to realize that all of the Dr. appointments and trips to the hospital are a part of her life. She will always say to me, "its okay" looking for reassurance. I thank God everynight for blessing us with Ayla. I know she will grow into a beautiful young lady one of these days and I just pray that God will give me the wisdom and strength to always lead her down the right path.

Well, since today was Ayla's birthday, we had a Sesame street birthday party. Yes, Ayla is a huge elmo fan and she was decked out in her Elmo outfit. Our house was full of family and friends, and we had a wonderful day. Ayla loved everyone singing happy birthday to her, I don't think she wanted us to stop! She had a great time playing with her little friends and after the party we let her play in her water table and ride her roller coaster. (Thank you mama Sandy, she loves it!) Thank you to all who were there to share this special day with us! We love you!

Aug 24, 2008


Our vacation was last week and we had such a great time. Brennan had a little stomach virus and didn't sleep the whole time, but other than that, it was wonderful. Ayla and Brennan loved the pool but they were not too sure about the ocean. They were a little scared, so we just let them play in the sand a few times. It was so nice to get away and forget about the JRA and all of the appointments that come along with it. The kids had an awesome time, every morning when Ayla woke up, she would go to the door and say "pool". It was so cute. She is definitely a little water bug. Brennan also decided to walk while we were there. He took his first four steps which was exciting. He is only ten months old so I was shocked that he started walking so young. I guess he wants to be like his big sister!! Although it was very hard taking two babies on vacation 9 hours away, it was worth it and I already can't wait until next year.

Aug 14, 2008

Update August 11 2008

This month so far has not been good at all. Her ankle stays swollen and she is limping more and more everyday. Her elbow is still bothering her as well and we have recently noticed that she is not turning her neck at times so we think her neck may be getting stiff. I called the Dr. and let him know and he wants to see her before her next appointment. We are going when we get back from the beach at the end of August. I can tell that she is not feeling well and it just breaks my heart. She seems so frail and week and it just worries me at times. She does have a low hemoglobin so this may be playing a part in how she is feeling as well. She seems tired all of the time and she sleeps a lot for a child her age. It is still a battle everyday but Ayla is proving to us that she is our little warrior.