May 14, 2008

May update

Six weeks later we are back in Columbus and regretful to say that things are not improving. Ayla is still limping pretty bad and at her worst, she seems to be dragging her leg. Her elbow on the other hand seems to be improving. She is doing a lot better with it and it doesn't seem to be bothering her as much. After her exam, the doctor noticed that Ayla’s right ankle was swollen. Again, I felt terrible that I had not noticed her ankle. I was so concentrated on her knee, that I never thought her ankle could also be a cause of her limping. This was upsetting to hear because it seems that every time we see him, a new joint is involved. We decided to increase her naproxen dose to see if that would help. We discussed the possibility of steroid injections some time In the future if she did not improve. He gave us some literature to read on the injections and he wanted to see us back in another 8 weeks.
We were home only a couple of weeks when one morning I was getting Ayla ready to go outside and play. As soon as I put her shoe on her right foot, she started crying like she was in pain. I looked at her ankle and sure enough it was very swollen and hot to the touch. After I took her shoe off, she was okay, so I knew her ankle must have been hurting her. She was also still crying a lot like always, and still limping and sometimes dragging her leg, so after talking things over with my husband, we decided to go ahead and schedule her for injections. Of course we didn't want to put her through this but we are hoping that this will give her some relief and help her to start walking better. It has been three months and sadly, there are no signs of improvement. I just want to see her happy and not hurting. It seems like for the longest time now I can only remember her constantly crying. I know it is not her fault and as a parent, it just hurts your heart knowing that your child is in pain and that there is nothing you can do for her. I pray everyday that God will heal her and take all of her pain away. She has been through a lot these past couple of months. She does not like anyone to touch her and she knows when she goes to the Dr's. office that something is going to happen. She has had her blood drawn three times and we are getting ready for the fourth in a couple of weeks. We are due to go back in July for another eye check up. On a postive note, she has been getting in our neighbors pool lately and she loves the water. It makes me happy to see her having such a good time in the pool. She has also started talking so much, I think it is quite remarkable for her age. She is just so smart!! It has only been a few months since her diagnosis, but everything has been extremely overwhelming. I just try to take one day at a time and pray that God will give me the strength to make it through another day. I still have faith that one day the arthritis will be gone and Ayla will be a happy, healthy little girl. Until then, I will take care of her and love her the best that I can. She is my angel, and I could not imagine life without her!

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