May 16, 2010

Hollywood Studios

We had an awesome day at Hollywood studios. We spent the entire day there and had a blast. We got there early so the kids were able to see all of the characters again. The Rock and Roll roller coaster, Tower of Terror and the Toy Story ride were among our favorites. This is the first year that Kaleb has rode any of the roller coasters, so it was a lot of fun! They have a variety of musical shows that the kids loved as well. All of the guys went to a stunt show while the girls went to watch "The Little Mermaid". Oh and they have the best parade, I think it was called the "Block Party Bash", where for thirty minutes the Disney Pixar characters have a huge dance party in the street. It was a ton of fun an the kids loved it. Ayla even decided to get her face painted for the first time ever. She has always been scared to do it but after she saw her friends Ella and Makena do it, she wanted to join in on the fun. She picked out the "Tinkerbell" face and all day long she kept saying, "Mom am I still Tinkerbell", it was sooo cute!













The "Block Party Bash"










For lunch we had reservations at the Prime Time Cafe. It is a great 50's style restaurant that has black and white TV's at most of the tables. The TV's played clips of the 1955 sitcom "Father Knows Best" and the original "Mickey Mouse Club". The waitresses were so funny, if you had your elbows on the table, they would kindly remind you to get your elbows off of the table. They are known for their delicious fried chicken, meatloaf and pot roast cooked the way "Mom" used to make it.





Brennan was hanging over his high chair playing his I Pod....don't ask, I have no clue!


After a long day, we decided to go to Down Town Disney and eat dinner at Wolfgang Puck Cafe. By the time we got there Brennan had ruined the shorts that he was wearing (for the second time). As I went to change his diaper I realized that we had ran out of diapers. So everyone starts walking all over Disney to try and find a diaper. With no luck, one of us comes up with the idea to find someone with a child close to Brennan's size and ask if we can "borrow" a diaper. Omg it was so funny, all of us stalking all of the moms that were passing by. Finally someone was kind enough to loan us a diaper. Brennan still did not have any shorts because they were wet and I had already bought him one outfit that day because he ruined the first one he had on, so I just took him in with a diaper and shirt on and we were eating he threw up I just took him outside while everyone else finished eating. He was a MESS, but thankfully he felt ok after that. We finished the evening by doing a little shopping, the stores there are fabulous and they have the LARGEST Disney store I have EVER seen. It was great, the kids loved it. There was a Stitch Character on top of the store and every few seconds he would spit water out of his mouth. The kids thought this was the funniest thing ever. We must have sat there and watched it for at least 30 minutes. It was a very long day but Hollywood Studios is definitely my favorite part next to the Magic Kingdom of course!

Here is Stich spitting water....

and the kids thinking it is soooo hilarious!!


Oh and just for fun, look at ALL of these strollers....



Natalie Catherine said...

wow what a fun post! we need a vacation...haha.

Kimberly said...

so many strollers! Looks like a great time!!!

Christensen's said...

Look SOOOO fun!!! I'm jealous! :)

Lauren said...

WOW! Look at all of those adorable characters! I bet the children were over the moon with excitement! Yeah! This was one of our favorites. Star Wars ride and High School Musical parade. The dancers even got Laney out on stage and she was clearly upset. After...she told us how much fun she had! All talk! :)

Jamie said...

Looks so fun!! That stroller picture is amazing! I can't believe how many there were!

Anonymous said...

aw this is so cute! love the face painting! too bad we can't just wear fancy designs like that all the time! lol

ciao bella
creative carmelina was here!