May 23, 2010

Movies, Bracelet and Dolls

I started this weekend out by seeing "Letters to Juliet" with my girlfriend. Okay ladies, you MUST see this movie. It is the romantic " only in the movies kind of romance" that us girls go gaga If you like romantic comedies, then you will definitely like this movie! Oh and Dear John is coming out on dvd Tuesday so I can't wait to watch that too!!


On Saturday morning I scored this Fisher Price Loving Family doll house and accessories for Ayla at a yard sale. She LOVES it and has played with it all weekend. The best part is I only paid $20 for all of it. It is in perfect condition with not even a scratch. She loved it so much that she has been asking for a car to put her "family" in, so of course Mommy took her to the store today so she could get a car for her family!



On Saturday Ayla and Daddy had a date to go and see Shrek at the movies. I snapped a few pictures before she left. And yes she always picks her clothes, shoes, necklaces etc when she goes somewhere. She is also very particular about everything matching! She actually had a purse that she took too! She stuffed all of her doll house figures into it, I guess they wanted to see Shrek too!




Last but definitely not least I received all of these goodies in the mail this weekend. I joined a bracelet swap over at Maria's blog, "Two Hearts Made Four" and Maria and I ended up being partners. She was so sweet to send me this pink beaded bracelet (which I love) and some other goodies for the kids. Ayla was so excited about the princess socks, she loved everything and kept saying "Thank you" over and over. Thank you Maria, you are too kind, I am so glad we have became friends!



Amanda M. said...

I love that last close up shot of Ayla. It is just BEAUTIFUL. <3
And love your bracelet! :)

Lauren said...

A looks adorable! We LOVE our Little People here! My kiddos play with them all the time! kids cannot wait to see it! Looks like you had a fun weekend!

P.S. I live about 40 min. NE of Indy. There's a Matilda Jane sale soon? Ft. Wayne is about an hr. from us.

Anonymous said...

Do you know I just realized that your sister was my other partner?!?!?! Um.........HELLO!!! WOW! I had no idea!!! Thats is just so FUNNY!!! It really threw me off bc it was amy duncan and on her blog it is amelia! I was so confused!!! hahah.........Im glad you liked everything!!!! Im glad your little princess liked her things as well!!! And right back to ya.......Im so glad we have become good friends too...Its crazy through blogging, Ive met some icrediable people!Thank you for being the friend you are from so far away!:)Of and I wanted to tell you again....just HOW MUCH I LOVE MY BRACELET you sent.....I have gotten so many compliments on it, Bradley loves it too!

Becca said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Your kiddos are so cute. Love those pics of your daughter. I will be praying for her!! How was the Shrek movie?

HB Deal said...

I LOVE Ayla doing the spin. :) She is just so PRECIOUS! We just loved Shrek. Hope they did too!

Searcy said...

Dearest Lesli, thank you for having visited my blog, as it has given me an opportunity to find yours! Alya is simply lovely.

Linda said...

Just found your blog and I have so enjoyed my time here. Ayla is beautiful!
I look forward to following you here.Please do drop my blogs if when you can.Simple Womans Daybook and Days Touched By Grace.

Kelly DeAnn said...

Yardsale SCORE!!! Love the pics of Ayla. And WOW 16!