Mar 17, 2013

Jingle Bell Run December 2012

Instead of the having a Arthritis Walk in 2012, our small committee decided that an actual run would be better for our area and since the Arthritis Foundation has the Jingle Bell Run, we thought we would give it a try! It was a complete success and everyone loved it. Everyone enjoyed the Christmas theme and since this was an actual timed race, we were able to attract a lot of runners. I was on the Committee again and in charge of  obtaining Sponsor's. Overall, we raised over  $37,000 and had 347 registered runners! For a first time event, I think the outcome was great! We now have a local Arthritis Branch director and I can only imagine that this event will keep growing year after year. I will leave you with a few pictures from the event. I did not get to take as many this year as I was actually helping to register runners etc and was very busy :)

This was Ayla at our Local News Station, we had a small segment on the news and she passed out candy canes to everyone!

This was a our local news anchor Spencer Adkins as our Emcee for the run. By the way John won Second place in his age division!!

Ayla and her friends!

Little Yoda brother, Brennan!

Raise Your Hands Against Arthritis- you better believe we always WILL!!


Summer said...

Yes we will always raise our hands for arthritis and for a cure! I am trying to figure out how to sign the petition! That was awesome! Lesli you are such a great momma and I remember all that you all have endured and when I read this article I cried! Ayla is so precious the sweetest Kelcee just loves her and of course we will always be raising our hands for a cure!! We are so there this year! I can't walk it but I can cheer you all on and yay your blogging again!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Lesli!
I'm 20 years old and I'm also suffering from arthritis since last may. Incidental I've found your video about your daughters journey on YouTube. Your little girl must be so strong and brave to handle this awful disease. Before arthritis was diagnosed I wasn't able to walk for weeks. I needed to quit my favorite sport soccer, which I love but I'm still not able to play. I'm taking Enbrel for already 5 month and I started to add Methotrexate two weeks ago. Hopefully it helps me with my pain. It's the first time I was looking for people who suffer from the same disease and it's also the first time I noticed that many people suffer from it. Even children, which is unfair and unbelievable.
Even as a grown up it's so hard to deal with it. And as you wrote in your video there is nothing to cure it.
I just wanted to thank you for your dedication. People need to know about the silent disease!
I admire your daughter so much for her continuous fight against arthritis. And also you for being a mom who makes the best out of it and supports her child even if there's nothing you can to do to cure her.
What you provoke with your blog and videos is great.
Best regards
Viktoria from Germany :)