Aug 24, 2008


Our vacation was last week and we had such a great time. Brennan had a little stomach virus and didn't sleep the whole time, but other than that, it was wonderful. Ayla and Brennan loved the pool but they were not too sure about the ocean. They were a little scared, so we just let them play in the sand a few times. It was so nice to get away and forget about the JRA and all of the appointments that come along with it. The kids had an awesome time, every morning when Ayla woke up, she would go to the door and say "pool". It was so cute. She is definitely a little water bug. Brennan also decided to walk while we were there. He took his first four steps which was exciting. He is only ten months old so I was shocked that he started walking so young. I guess he wants to be like his big sister!! Although it was very hard taking two babies on vacation 9 hours away, it was worth it and I already can't wait until next year.

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