Aug 14, 2008

Update August 11 2008

This month so far has not been good at all. Her ankle stays swollen and she is limping more and more everyday. Her elbow is still bothering her as well and we have recently noticed that she is not turning her neck at times so we think her neck may be getting stiff. I called the Dr. and let him know and he wants to see her before her next appointment. We are going when we get back from the beach at the end of August. I can tell that she is not feeling well and it just breaks my heart. She seems so frail and week and it just worries me at times. She does have a low hemoglobin so this may be playing a part in how she is feeling as well. She seems tired all of the time and she sleeps a lot for a child her age. It is still a battle everyday but Ayla is proving to us that she is our little warrior.

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Jackie Pauley said...

Lesli: I went to school with your mother. You have done a nice job with your posts. I will keep Ayla in my prayers. Jackie