Feb 1, 2010

A Better Weekend

Yes, I am happy to report that my weekend went much better than my week!! By Sunday I was feeling "normal" again..lol. We did not do much this weekend, we are big basketball fans so on Saturday we stayed home and cheered on the Mountaineers who defeated Louisville by only three points in the last couple of minutes. What a great game!...GO EERS!!!


Saturday evening we went to Sam's for a couple of things and Ayla somehow spotted a Chipmunks cd and HAD TO HAVE IT! It is the sound track from the Chipmunk movie that is out now. I kept explaining to her that it was a MUSIC cd and NOT a movie. She said that was okay and so of course we bought it for her. I had the idea that maybe we should go to Target and get her a portable cd player with headphones so we DID NOT have to listen to the Chipmunks over and over...lol. While we were at Target she spotted the Kids Bopz cd that is playing on commercials so guess what, yes we got that too. I know, she is so spoiled!


So she LOVES, LOVES, her cd's and cd player, she carries it everywhere and she actually fell asleep listening to it on Sunday. John was worried that she might wrap the cord around her neck (only John hehe) so he bought her a little cheap cd player on Sunday evening. So now we have heard the "Chipettes" sing Beyoncee's "All The Single Ladies" about a gazillion times. She LOVES this song and will not listen to anything else.


On Sunday my friend Summer and I went to a neighbors baby shower and I thought it was funny because we both won a game where you had to figure out the correct nursery rhyme by descriptions that they had...yes, that is what having a three year old does for you. Knowing all of the nursery rhymes-CHECK!! I particularly loved this baby shower because the prizes were all "beauty products". The mom of the girl (that is pregnant) owns her own beauty saloon. So I was trying so hard to win a prize. Finally at the end everyone started giving me their baby pins so I could win a game and get a prize. You know the game where every time someone says "baby", you take their pin. So I won and I got some Biolage hair styling gel. Yeah... see it doesn't take much to make me happy!!


Sunday evening I watched the Grammy's and recorded the Duggars. So I was watching the Grammy's and wondering if I am the only person on this planet that thinks that Taylor Swift does not sing that well. Okay, I do like Taylor Swift but I just don't think she can sing "live" very well AT ALL. Seriously ya'll, I felt horrible for her last night. I love her cd's and I think she is a doll but last night was NOT her night. Oh my word and what about Pink? She did a whole circus act performance where she was hanging upside down singing and to make matters worse, she was nearly naked. Oh and she was also dripping wet with water so when she was twirling around water was flying everywhere. All I could think was that I would be totally ticked off if I was sitting there getting wet in my nice, expensive, Grammy attire. Lastly, Lady Gaga, one word-weird. I swear that lady lives in her own little world. Okay enough said!


After the Grammy's I watched the Duggars. This was the new episode where Michelle had her 19th baby at 25 weeks. She had a little girl who they named Josie, she weighed a little over a pound. Okay I was balling my eyes out at the end when all of the kids went in to visit little Josie. I love the Duggar's, I think they are an awesome family! I was glad to hear after the show that little Josie is doing well, she is stable in the NICU and she is up to two pounds. That made me so happy!

Today I took Ayla to get her lab work done. Because of the medicines that she is on, she has to have it checked every eight weeks. She normally does pretty well with it especially considering we have been doing this since she has been eighteen months old. Well today, as soon as I put the numbing cream on her arms she started crying. Then when I pulled into the hospital parking lot she started crying, she basically cried the whole entire time we were there. She kept saying, "don't do it, not today". John and I had to hold her down while they drew her blood. She was crying so hard she almost made herself sick. It broke my heart, I guess now that she is getting older, she is understanding more of what is going on. So after that, I took her out to lunch and then bought her a slushee. She was supposed to get her two injections tonight but we are going to wait until tomorrow because we didn't want to put her through that again tonight.


This is Ayla before we left today. Notice that she is not at all happy but she did remember to take her cd player with her!!

Kaleb is still hanging in there. He went to school for half of a day today but he said he was miserable. I didn't want him to go at all but he insisted. At least he did get his homework. He fractured his left shoulder, so it is in a sling. I was glad it wasn't his right shoulder until today when it JUST hit me that he is LEFT handed! He doesn't know how he is going to write yet... poor thing, I feel so bad for him.

Okay, I think I have talked enough. Can you tell that I am at home all day with no adult conversation..lol. Hope everyone has a GREAT week! Now, off to watch the Bachelor!!


Anonymous said...

You deserve the SUPER MOMMY award! You are so brave to deal with all of this and still be able to post pictures and share your life with us. So sad to hear that Ayla has to go through that and see her that way must be heartbreaking. Thinking of you as you continue on this journey as a mommy! Have a wonderful week

Summer said...

Awww that pic of Ayla makes me tear up....She is so not happy yet she has her CDs and player....that is sooo cute! She's a doll! I'm glad ya got her a slushie....YAY

That was sooo funny we were the only ones that knew the nursery rhymes LOL....

I didn't watch the Grammy's, but I have to agree Lady GaGa is too weird! I love the Duggars and I am sooo glad baby Josie is doing well!

Oh and of course you would disagree with me about Vienna LOL! Everyone does.... I LOL when you said that no roses would be given out next week since he doesn't have like any girls left! HILARIOUS....

Talk to ya tommorrow
Summer :0)

Stephanie said...

Busy!!! I bet my girls would love their own CD players. Hmmm... Easter presents, perhaps?

I watched the Grammy's and the Duggars, too. I just love that family. I cried when the kids gathered around Josie... she is SO tiny, it's unbelievable. How wonderful that she is doing well.

And yea... Lady Gaga is ODD. I enjoy most of her music, but I wish everyone would stop encouraging her to dress the way she does.

Katie said...

I agree you so DO deserve a super mommy award. And PS your daughter always looks SO DANG CUTE. Bless her little heart, I'll be praying for both her AND Kaleb!

PS - Candy Corns are year round ;) I know that because they're my FAVORITE. :)

Lauren said...

LOVE the new CD player and CDs...what a great gift! I watched a bit of the Grammy's...I'm not a Taylor Swift fan either. Lady Gaga is just plain nuts, but I watched her on Oprah, and I have to say that a little part of me thinks she is quite genious! The Grammy's didn't keep me entertained, but I bet the Chipmunk version of "Single Ladies" would!...My daughters would love it too! :) Glad you are feeling better!

Taylor @ Jimmy Choos and a Baby Too said...

You so deserve the super mom award! I cannot imagine how hard it is for sweet Ayla to get her blood taken and for you as a mom to have to watch! That breaks my heart! Hope Kalebs arm gets better quick!

The Pressley Family said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm new at trying to do the WW recipes so I'm loving sharing the ones that turn out good:)

Ashley Hamby said...

WOW! You do deserve MOM of the YEAR!! I enjoy reading your BLOG. That Ayla is such a doll! Her outfits are to die for. Where do you find those? I need to store that website/store in my head for future baby girl clothes! Have a great week!

Leslie said...

Bless Ayla's little heart!!! She is just precious! I hope tomorrow is better!!! I love both of her outfits in these pictures!! Precious, precious!!!

christy rose said...

Awww! Poor Ayla. I do not blame her. I hate getting blood taken too. I can not imagine having to hold her down while they did that and not feeling so horrible. I am glad you had your husband with you to help.

I agreee with you about Taylor Swift. I do not think that she sings that well live at all. But I do like her.

Hope Kaleb's arm gets better quickly.

Anonymous said...

You really do deserve The SUPER mommy AWARD!!! She is a doll!!! Love her little outfits!!!

Anonymous said...

I forgot to say that I love LOVE The Dugger family!!!! That was so sad...but I'm so glad that she is up tp two pounds!!!

wife.mom.nurse said...

oh my gosh, just read about last week! I am glad you are feeling better and poor Kaleb!

Your post was fun. Love the beautiful Ayla, the music girl :)

oh, and I do love the Duggers, but I truly hope she is done. It is not worth losing lives over to have another.

And, hello! Taylor Swift. Cute as a button...but no, she cannot sing. I do like her, she is sweet. But all of the awards this year. It doesn't make sense...

Glad to catch up on your latest :)