Feb 18, 2010

My night with Harry and some great deals!

Last night John and I went to see Harry Connick Jr. in concert and it was awesome! He was amazing and to my surprise very funny! He had us laughing the whole time, I felt like we were at a comedy show with the added bonus of a concert..lol! Honestly if he is touring in your area, you really should go see him, it is a great time. Just as an example of how funny he is, while he was singing his second song of the night, several people came in late and their seats were up front. All of a sudden he told the band to stop playing and he stopped singing and said ,"We need to wait for these people to find their seats". It was hilarious, he went on talking to them forever asking them why they were late etc, and then he saw that they had a camera and he said lets just get this over with and he took pictures with them right in the middle of the show. Oh and then there was this guy on the very front row recording him ALL NIGHT on his I phone (which is not allowed) so at one point Harry made a comment that he had noticed him doing it and he went up to the guy and said ,"You like taking my picture?", "Let me take your's", he then grabbed the guy's I phone and threw it behind stage and just continued singing. It was the funniest thing ever. After the show he gave it back to the guy and said that they had erased 70 pictures and three videos. Yes that Harry, he definitely has a personality to say the least!!

Harry Connick Jr.

I also have found some great deals lately and would love to share them with you. We just recently upgraded to a king size bed and with that we bought a memory foam topper and new pillows. First of all, I am not a good sleeper and have not been for quite a long time. I have also had problems with my neck and back when I wake up, like I did not sleep the right way maybe and my neck is stiff more than it should be. Well let me tell you these pillows that we bought are the BEST EVER. They are designed for side and back sleeping . Each pillow is individually air-molded and is designed to ensure support, comfort and increased circulation for the head, neck and spine. We bought these at Sam's and I think they are made by "Nature's Sleep", I need to check with John to be sure because he bought them but after looking at the website, it looks like this may be the one. I love, love, love, this pillow, I have slept the best EVER since having this and my neck and back feel great. I hardly ever sleep a whole night without waking up but since we have made the change, I have slept like a baby. I am sure it is a combination of the memory foam topper and the new pillow, but I am a firm believer that a nice pillow is ESSENTIAL for a good night's sleep. I think John said these were twenty something a piece, but to me they are definitely worth it!!


Okay moving on, ya'll know I love finding a good bargain. Last week at T.J. Maxx, they had these boutique brand denim shirts and dresses by "Paper Denim and Jeans" for Ayla. They had several different styles but we went with this tiered peasant top/dress for... are you ready... only $12.99. The original price on the dress is $48.00. Score! This will look so cute with a pair of ruffles as a shirt or you can size up for a longer dress look. Once you see this in person, you can tell that the quality is awesome! I took a pic so you could see how cute it is!


Ayla "posing" for me, this picture cracks me up!!


I also ordered these three skirt/jacket sets from Walmart. They are only $9 for BOTH pieces and shipping is only 97 cents. They are the brand Faded Glory and they wash up really well! I am going to pair these with some cute Mini Boden applique shirts for the Spring/Summer. I am all about a good deal and I think these are a great find. The skirts have the little shorts under them and they actually look just like the Mini Boden skirts for a WHOLE lot less! I think they are adorable and you really can't beat the price at nine dollars. They also have a cute red set but they are sold in stores ONLY. Only certain Walmarts are carrying these in store, so I went ahead and ordered mine online.

blog post

Cute, huh? I hope everyone is having a good week. We are taking the kids to see Disney on Ice tonight. Ayla is so excited but she thinks she is going to Disney World! I hope the ice skating show is not a disappointment for her..lol!! Oh yeah and I am having a giveaway starting tomorrow!! I am so excited, it will be lot's of fun!!


Kimberly said...

I sent your an email! I am looking forward to your giveway!!! I wouldn't think Harry Conick would be funny! I guess I was wrong!! Your daughter has beautiful blue eyes!

Amy said...

I love it when you give us your secrets to shopping!!:) I think those little sets are precious! Headed to WalMart.com right now! :) That girlie of yours is strikingly beautiful!

Anonymous said...

iM LOOKING FOWARD TO YOUR GIVEAWAY~ LEFT YOU SOMETHING OVER AT MY BLOG! ENJOY:)love your little girls outfit! Precious.........she is beautiful!!

Adorably Distracted... said...

Aww I just bought my niece those sets at walmart for her birthday! they were so cute!!! Great finds! I've been having trouble with my neck lately also. Maybe it's my pillow!

Jamie said...

I LOVE Ayla's new outfit! She is a cute model!

Whitney said...

Thanks for sharing! You got some great deals! I love Ayla's pose! ;)

3LittleByrds said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and the sweet comments. :) Glad you enjoyed Harry. Love the deals you found. Have fun at Disney on Ice. We LOVE anything Disney but living in Fla. does that to you. I see your an RN but stay home now. Do you like that? I'm a RN too and work in the NICU but we're moving to Dallas this summer and I will become a full time SAHM and I'm looking forward to it. I only work once a week now though.

Chelle said...

Haha! Harry sounds hilarious--I would love to go and catch one of his shows sometime.

And I adore that outfit! It's darling!

Thanks for stopping by my blog--I will be following yours now, I love it!


christy rose said...

I would love to go see Harry Connick Jr. I bet you did have a lot of fun! Looks like you have been finding the deals for sure, I love that post by Ayla. Do you think modeling might be in her future? :)

Anne - Mommy Has to Work said...

I love Harry!

I have to get those sets for my little girl too.

Thanks for the follow, following back.
Have a great weekend!

Brandi said...

Way cute finds! I'm so ordering those wal-mart outfits. AWESOME! Yes, I ordered some MJ from the Hammond Bay line. I want more but I don't want my hubs to kill me.HEHE!!! Your giveaway is awesome too..you rock!!!

Christyrenee said...

Hi Lesli! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog!! I love yours! Those pillows look so comfy and that outfit your found for your daughter is adorable. I love Harry Connick Jt!! It doesn't surprise me at all that he was being so funny, lol. I'm def going to be doing AI recaps every week, so make sure to stop back ;)