Mar 28, 2010

Weekend shopping and the FINAL FOUR BABY!

On Friday, John and I drove to Louisville Kentucky for just one night. We had to get Kaleb on Saturday so we just decided to stay in Louisville and do a little shopping while we were there. We ate at Stoney River Friday night and it was awesome. It is a steak house and one of the best that I have been too. We do not have one here, so that was a nice treat. We ate at the Cheese Cake Factory for lunch on Saturday and oh my word, the Red Velvet Cheesecake is AMAZING. If you live near a Cheese Cake Factory, PLEASE go and get this. It is the best cheesecake I have ever had. I swear it melted in my


Okay, moving right along, Since it was my birthday, I did decide to buy myself a few things, shocker, I know! I needed some new perfume so I bought some "Baby Grace" by Philosophy.

bBY Gace

I have had it before and loved it, it is so light, fresh and clean, just like a baby! I actually love all of the scents by Philosophy but this is definitely one of my favorites. If you ever pass by a Philosophy counter, try it out and let me know what you think! They also have a new make up product called "The color of Grace Amazing Grace Shimmering Face Powder".

amazing grace face powder

I have been looking for a nice highlighter for awhile and I was able to test it and I loved it. It really makes your face glow and gives you that dewey look! You know how much I love beauty products, so this was a great treat for me!

Lastly I bought this Vera Bradley travel organizer. I have wanted one forever and when I found it on sale, I broke down and bought it.


This is perfect to fill with everything you need while out of town, all of your everyday necessities, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, etc. Then when you are ready to go somewhere all you have to do is throw this in your suitcase and your done! And I love that you can hang it on the door-Genius! This will be great for our trip next month. By the way, only a few more weeks until Disney. I am so excited, I can't wait!

So it was a great birthday weekend, thanks to everyone for the sweet gifts and cards. John bought me a beautiful new watch and Mama Sandy surprised me with a Burberry coat ( I will never wear another one, I love it) the kids gave me a card, m&m's and chocolate cupcakes! This is the only picture I have of my birthday weekend. It was taken at the Cheese Cake Factory with my I phone so it is not that great. I really need to invest in a smaller camera that I can carry in my purse. Suggestions anyone??


Last but definitely not least, the West Virginia Mountaineers are going to the FINAL FOUR baby! We defeated number one seed Kentucky Wildcats on Saturday night. I was so proud of the Mountaineers, they played amazing. Kentucky is an awesome basketball team and they did have a bad night, but in WV's defense, they played their hearts out and were on fire! Our starting point guard fractured his foot last week and he was not even able to play. Our back up point guard Joe Mazulla played an awesome game scoring 17 points and surprised many by his performance. This is the first time in 51 years that WV has been in the Final Four! We play Duke on Saturday so hopefully we can pull out another victory! I am so proud to be a MOUNTAINEER!!

And just because, here is a picture of Kaleb and his "friend" It is great to have him back home!


Oh and Ayla is feeling much better, thanks to all of you that have asked! Here she is today before we left to go out. She loves her high top tennis shoes, she calls them her "Hannah Montana" shoes!! Have a great week everyone!

Easter Egg Hunt March 2010


Lauren said...

Happy birthday, girl! Looks like you had a great birthday weekend! And that cheesecake looks AMAZING! Yum-o!

Maxcey said...

Looks like you had an AWESOME birthday!I'm glad Ayla is feeling better. Have a good week!

Katie said...

looks like a fun weekend! happy birthday, what FUN gifts and FUN shopping spree :)!!!

Sara said...

Did somebody go to Sephora? ;)
I went last week at the beach.

Let's Gooo Mountaineers!! said...

Hi! If I knew you were going to the cheesecake factory I would have asked to go too ;)

The pix are so cute :)

You and your entire family are so cute!

(oh, that sweet little princess' picture did not post. I am glad she is feeling better.

Take care,

dawn said...

happy happy birthday to you! it sounds like you had a fabulous weekend celebrating! that cheesecake sure looks yummy! have a great week!!

Whitney said...

Happy Birthday! So glad you had a great weekend celebrating!! :)

Anonymous said...

I got your sweet email dear friend!!! I just love ya to pieces!!!! You alwasy put a smile on this face!!:) Thankyou! Im glad yall got a little vacay everyone needs those from time to time!!Love all of your birthday happies too!!! Have a good day!!! Join in on my Motivational monday sometime sweet girl!

Sandi said...

Happy Birthday! Looks like you guys had a great time. Have a fantastic week.

Taylor @ The Undomestic Momma said...

Happy birthday! Glad Ayla is feeling better----she has the cutest clothes ever!!!!!

Kelly said...

Happy belated Birthday! I love the Cheesecake Factory, but have to stay away or I'd be 300 pounds because I would eat cheesecake for breakfast, lunch and dinner everyday :) We'll go for lunch occasionally and each get a slice of cheesecake for lunch ... terrible for the eating habits, yummy for the time being!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!!! We don't have a cheesecake factory! Darn it all!

Beth Priest said...

way too fun! husband, bday, shopping, cheesecake, kiddos...I mean you have it made ; )

ps I am using the hope in a jar but i prefer something I can rub over my eyes and that stuff makes my eyes burn if it gets near. I do like it but I think I am going to have to find a different one next time! I can't wait to smell that perfume tho

carissa @ lowercase letters said...

the cheesecake factory is to die for. i'm so sad that we don't have any near us! the vera bradley travel case is adorable! so glad your birthday weekend was fab!

Anonymous said...

i wish we had a cheesecake factory here!!! Bradley and I went when we went to nashville!! It was heaven!!! Then again if we had one here I would gain a few pounds!haha....i emailed you lady!xoxo

Amanda M. said...

Happy Birthday, Lesli! I am so behind - ha, not only on my blog, but keeping up I think now, too!
It looks like you had an ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS weekend!
I love that travel organizer. I am sorely in need of one of those!
And thanks for checking on me on my blog. That made me feel SO loved!!

Anonymous said...

Hey sweet friend of mine!!! I left you a little something over at my blog!!!! Hope you like!!!xoxo

Ashley Hamby said...

Happy belated Birthday! The Cheese Cake Factory is one of my all time favorites! I cannot wait to go back to try to Red Velvet Cheesecake...mmmm!!

Heather said...

That is such a cute picture of you and your hubs!! I wish I was excited about WV, but I think you know why. I am still in mourning. :)
Your so sweet, so I am happy for you!
Love your finds!! What a fun weekend!