Apr 2, 2010

One Sweet Chick

We have just been hanging out this week, having playdates, playing outside, coloring easter eggs and watching the Chipmunks! The new Chipmunks movie came out on Tuesday and I swear I already know every song to that movie. My kids love the Chipmunks more than any other movie! For some reason Ayla's favorite is Theodore, she keeps telling me," I love Theodore, he is so adorable". It really is a cute movie and that is saying alot because I never thought I would be a Chipmunks fan but it turns out they are not so bad after all...hehe!

We went to a friends house this week and colored easter eggs. That was alot of fun and we plan on coloring some more tonight! We are having family over for Easter dinner on Sunday so I am hoping to have an Easter Egg hunt outside as the weather is supposed to be beautiful the rest of the weekend.



Ayla loved playing with this Kitchen while we were at her friends house this week. We have one of the plastic walk in Kitchens like this one,

play kitchen 2

but she liked this wooden one much better. With the walk in Kitchen, the stove, fridge etc are not big enough to put anything in. She likes this wooden one because she can actually put food and pans inside of the stove. So I am thinking about selling the one we have and buying a wooden one. She also loved all of the wooden appliances, the toaster, blender, coffe pot. She has been asking for the coffee pot EVERY DAY since then. She helps her Daddy make coffee everyday so I guess that is why she likes it so much. I can not find these around here anywhere so I guess I will have to order them on line.




Brennan was fascinated by the Zhu, Zhu pets and he played with them most of the time. I think the Easter Bunny might have a surprise for him!!



Remember the $9 outfits that I bought for Ayla at Walmart? This is one of them, I love them and she has actually wore two sets this week. She loves the zip up hoodie jacket and I just think they are adorable! Oh and her shirt says, "One Sweet Chick"....



and that she DEFINITELY IS!!

Hope everyone has a great Easter Weekend! We are going to an Easter Egg hunt tomorrow and then WV plays Duke in the final four tomorrow night, so if you think about it, please help a friend cheer on the West Virginia Mountaineers!! GO EERS!!


Karen said...

MY kids want to rent that chipmunk dvd. Hmm...now you convinced me to sit down with them and watch it.

Love all the pictures of the children playing! My younger two got Zhu Zhu pets in their spring baskets this year. They have not stopped playing with them.
Have a good Easter!

Katie said...

i swear she's always dressed SO cute!!! happy easter to you!!!

Amanda M. said...

I found 2 sets of super cute Walmart outfits a few weeks ago, too! Gotta love that price, right?!
Beautiful pics - I hope you have a blessed Easter!

Anonymous said...

Happy Easter! Love the kitchen set!!

Beth Priest said...

yeah I totally invested in a pottery barn kitchen for darby (craigslist find but still not cheap) and a potterybarn table and chairs...and what does she do...color all over them! after I already thought we had an understanding! oh well... ayla is looking to pretty with that long hair

Lauren said...

My girls LOVE the Chipmunks movie, and we cannot wait to see #2! And after your play date, it looks like you got some great gift ideas for the children! :) Have a wonderful Easter weekend! I puffy heart egg hunts! Yippee!

Whitney said...

I love the WM outfit!! We have a similar kitchen that a friend gave to us. We also have a plastic one. We have all the wooden appliances too (not the coffee pot though)... blender, tea party set, etc. They are so cute and fun! we have a store in town that sells them.

Maria said...

Happy Easter:) Your kids are SO cute! I love the Walmart outfits. What a great find. So sorry WV lost to Duke. Ugh. I thought of you last night.

Anonymous said...

Your kids get cuter every time i see them!!!!! HAppy easter girlie!

sanjeet said...

hope you have a blessed Easter
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