Sep 20, 2008


To update everyone, we have not started the medicine yet. John and I have not felt right about giving it to her and are just not sure what to do. Please pray that God will show us what direction to take with Ayla in her treatment.
We also ordered Ayla's glasses and are waiting for them to come in. She was so funny when we went to try them on. Every time she would try a pair on, she would say, " I cool". It was so cute! She did not want to take them off. I just hope she feels that way when she realizes that she has to wear them everyday. It still makes me sad to think about it, but I am feeling better about it.
I also got her two year old pictures taken a couple of days ago. Talk about a challenge, does anyone else have a hard time with pictures? Ayla does not like pictures and she would not even let me put her down for the first twenty minutes. I was so stressed out by the time we left. Anyway, they eventually bribed her with a balloon and we got a few good pictures. What a day!!!!!

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This is great, I cried as I first read this. I know that little baby girl as I call her is a trooper, she is such a joy and Maw Maw loves her so much. I pray for her constantly and for all of you. I thank you and John for being such wonderful parent. Love to all, Mom