Sep 3, 2008

Eye Appointment

Today was the dreaded eye appointment. It went okay, I guess. They had to dilate her eyes today because the Dr. did notice that Ayla's eyes were crossing. She cried a little, but not as much as the last appointment. Of course, I had to sing to her the whole time, give her stickers and suckers, but if it makes her feel better, I will do it. At the end of the exam she was exhausted and she would not let the Dr. do the slit eye exam to check for inflammation from the arthritis. He did not want to force her since she had already been through so much so I will have to take her back next month to have it done.
Because of the strabismus (the turning of one eye) Ayla is going to have to get glasses. He said this is the first step in correcting it and if glasses do not work, she may have to have surgery. When he told me she had to have glasses and possible surgery, I started to cry. He probably thought that I was crazy, crying over glasses, but It was just the stress of everything. Its bad enough that she has to suffer with JRA and now this. I called John and was crying telling him about her appointment. He thought I was crazy too, he was like Lesli children get glasses everyday.. oh well, I know it could be worse but I just want her to be healthy. ALL OF HER!! I'm sure most of you know, it just hurts so bad when something is wrong with your child. We have her appointment with the Rheumatologist on Friday which I am not looking forward too.

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