Jul 9, 2009

Ayla featured in online magazine article


Ayla was featured in an online magazine, "Therapy Times" this week. The author of the magazine was doing an article on Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis and found my blog about Ayla and asked if I would care to have Ayla featured in it. It is very informative and I thought everyone might be interested, especially all of the JRA mothers out there. Being that this is also National Awareness Month for JRA, I thought this was so appropriate! Click here for the link
Thank you Stephanie, you did an amazing job putting a face to JRA!

Baby StepsChildren with arthritis can lead active livesBy Stephanie Twining 07.06.09
Article available online at: http://www.therapytimes.com/070609JuvenileArthritis

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Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Love the black and white pictures....Awesome..I enjoyed reading your blog tonight. It is so much fun making new blog friends. Hope you will stop by for a visit.