Jul 22, 2009

Brennan + Shrek = Free entertainment!

My children are quite fascinated with music and singing. One day a couple of months ago The View was on the television and the Broadway "Shrek" was there performing a couple of songs. The children were enthralled with Shrek and the whole cast and the singing and the dancing. I must have replayed those songs a few hundred times! So after that every once in a while I would pull it up on you tube and let the kids watch Shrek.

If you remember this post, then you will remember that Brennan is obsessed with my IPhone and he carries it around playing games, listening to music etc..for a large part of the day. I really can not find too much fault with that because he is not even two yet and he knows his shapes and most of his colors. He can operate the IPhone like an adult and I am not kidding.

So one day while we were out, I had the great idea to pull up the Broadway Shrek and let Brennan watch it so he would stay in his stroller. It worked like a charm and now when I need him to be quiet or if we are at a restaurant or if I need him to stay in his stroller, I will let him watch it on my phone. He has watched it soo much that he sings along with it and says some of the words to the songs. It is the cutest thing EVER! Great news Right?

Okay for the bad news. The first song is a duet with Shrek and Fiona called, " I think I got you beat". This happens to be Brennan's favorite song as well. Towards the end of the song Shrek starts to burp and then Fiona starts to burp, then Shrek starts to "pass gas" if you know what I mean and then Fiona does the same. Ayla and Brennan think that this is HILARIOUS and therefor they mock Shrek and Fiona and start making obnoxious burping noises right along with them. This is all very cute when we are at home, but when we are having dinner at a restaurant more specifically on "Father's day" last month, um it's not so cute. But on Father's day we were eating out and the only way I could get Brennan to sit in his highchair and be some what quiet was to let him watch Shrek.

Of course towards the end he starts making his loud burping noises and although John and I were looking around making sure no one was shooting angry glances our way, the family of four right beside us with two young children of their own didn't mind so much because Brennan was providing FREE ENTERTAINMENT for their two small children and they were all laughing!!

So more often than not, Brennan is usually singing shrek and providing entertainment for all when we are out in public.

Oh, well, It could always be worse...............................I THINK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So here is a video of Brennan watching and singing Shrek the Broadway. It is a little long but I promise you it is worth the wait!! He is so funny!!

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