Aug 13, 2009

Birthday Surprise!!


We had a cookout for Kaleb's 16th birthday a couple of weekends ago. We rented a shelter, had lots of food and good times with family and friends.

kalebs birthday 027
Here is Kaleb and his Maw Maw Sandy!
I also managed to get a couple of pictures of the "boys".

kalebs birthday 046

kalebs birthday 030
Trust me, it wasn't easy, you know it's not "cool" for your mom to take pictures when you are 16!
My sister and her husband brought corn hole to play and it was a huge hit. The guys loved it and played it most of the time.



Since Kaleb is 16, there were no games, no silly prizes, none of that childish stuff that you do at children's birthdays. I would have been in SO much trouble for that, but I did think of a good way for everyone to take something home with them.

kalebs birthday 036

I made a table consisting of Kaleb's "favorite things" with bags and had everyone take something home with them. This was a more "grown up" version of a treat bag-Ha!! His favorite things are Hot Fries, sunflower seeds, oreo's, doughnuts, laffy taffy and air heads. This really worked out well and everyone seemed to enjoy it.

I also had other things there for the little kids to do, bubbles, balls etc... Ayla loved blowing bubbles and she did this most of the time! She played with her BFF Kelsie and her parents for a huge part of the afternoon. Thanks Summer!!




After eating cake, it was time to open presents. I would say that Kaleb had a very GOOD birthday.... yes that is a 37inch TV from Maw Maw Sandy!!!


And when he was done opening everything, after a few minutes we just happened to find another gift that he FORGOT to open!!


We had car keys taped down inside a box, and the look on his face was so funny when he realized what that meant.


kalebs birthday 072

He just looked at his Dad like, "What is going on, are you serious". He was totally shocked and surprised. He had no idea he was getting a car so it was very unexpected.

We had the car sitting in the parking lot all day. We had him find it by using the alarm remote on the key chain.


Everyone was walking behind him while he was looking for his car.
He was very thankful and excited, I think it took a while to actually sink in!!

Here is Kaleb and his new car

kalebs birthday 084

kalebs birthday 088

and of course John bought him all of his car cleaning supplies, which I am SURE that he will use so often.HA!


It was a great day and before we left a friend of ours (yes, that would be you Jamie) remembered that I had bought water balloons. The "girls" had the bright idea to fill them up and have a little fun!!!

kalebs birthday 103

kalebs birthday 113

kalebs birthday 094

The boys of course loved it and it eventually led to coolers of water being dumped on each other!! I am pretty sure that everyone left wet, and yes that includes me, thank you very much Uncle Dunc!!!

So at the end of the party, Kaleb was allowed to drive a couple of his friends home in his new car. Of course his Dad was with him!

kalebs birthday 017

It brought tears to my eyes because my baby is growing up....way to fast and before you know it....

kalebs birthday 018

he will be gone.........

That is of course if I can not talk him into staying with me for the rest of his life!!!


Thank you to EVERYONE who made this day so special. I couldn't have done it without your help!! We love you all!!!

Here are just a few more pictures of the party!!




kalebs birthday 062

kalebs birthday 045

kalebs birthday 044


jayneH said...

Hi Lesli you have a great blog and i have really enjoyed reading it, I would like to wish your son a very happy 16th birthday, it looked like you all enjoyed yourselves at his birthday party:)
hugs Jayne

Valerie said...

Hi Lesli.

I read your prayer request on My Charming Kids and hopped over to see if the family you are praying for has a blog of their own.

My sister's little boy (17 months) was diagnosed with a very similar diagnosis two weeks ago (atrioventricual canal defect); he is scheduled for open heart on Sept. 4th.

Concern is that this congenital heart defect was not caught until now (usually fatal around 3-4 months of age) and now they're thinking that some permanent damage (hypertension) may have resulted and damaged the lungs.

If their family has a blog, and you feel comfortable sharing that information, please feel free to visit my blog at

Thank you so much,

P.S. You have quite the handsome 16-year old. What a fabulous birthday party you planned and what a lucky boy he is! Your other two munchkins are quite cute as well. LOVE the hair bows that you create!

Anonymous said...

That is so awesome you bought him a car, I hope he knows how lucky he is. Thanks for sharing pictures. Take care and enjoy the rest of the summer.

Valerie said...

Me again!

Thank you so much for visiting and leaving me the link to Jenna's blog!!! What a sweetie; I really hope for all the best for her and her mommy and daddy! did leave the link on MckMama. Silly me just didn't see it!

I've so enjoyed purusing your blog that I decided to become a follower.

Blessings to you from Kansas,