Aug 31, 2009

Happy Third Birthday My Dear Sweet Ayla!

Three years ago today we were blessed with the birth of our sweet baby girl Ayla Faith Wright!

aylas third birthday 11

How can it be that that is has been THREE years since we first laid our eyes on our baby girl!

aylas third birthday 12

After two years of trying and praying, you are truly our "miracle" baby!

aylas third birthday

Our lives were changed forever when you were born and you have had your daddy wrapped around your finger since day ONE!!

aylas third birthday 10

aylas third birthday 2

Oh, how I wish that I could turn back time because you are growing up way too fast!
aylas third birthday 3

aylas third birthday 4

aylas birthday 5

You are a little sister to KK

aylas third birthday 13

aylas birthday 6

and a BIG sister to Bren Bren (as you say)

aylas third birthday 7

Before we knew it, you turned ONE before our eyes

aylas third birthday 6

ayla's birthday 5

and then you were two


How can it be that you are NOW THREE!



Ayla, you are the light of our life and we can not even begin to imagine a life without you! Our hearts over flow with love for you! You are amazing and even when life throws you a curve ball you stand strong and are determined to throw it right back! We are proud to be your parents and can't wait to see what God has in store for you in the future.
Happy third birthday baby girl, as we always say, "We love you around the world and back again."
Mommy and Daddy


Summer said...

How cute are all the pics of precious Ayla!!!! Ya didn't tell me she had baby ugg boots Ha! Ha! I am so glad Kelcee and her are so close and that you and I have became such good friends.... Thanks for letting us be a part of her last two B-Days! I am getting there little photo shoot pics printed out... I can't wait for you to see them....

jayneH said...

Happy birthday from across the pond, Ayla you are such a beautiful little girl, i hope you have a wonderful 3rd birthday,
hugs jayne