Aug 24, 2009


A couple of weeks ago a friend of mine asked me how I taught Ayla how to share so well. I never really thought about it because it has never been an issue. Ayla has always loved sharing with other children and for a moment I thought maybe we had skipped that phase. NOT! While we were at the beach last week, Ayla turned into the "I am not sharing, greedy little girl". It was so unlike her and it seemed like it happened over night.

We spent our days (and evenings) at the pool everyday. At any given time there were at least five other kids in the baby pool. Ayla had a cool watering can that every kid wanted to play with. Well, she was not having that. She would hold ALL of her toys in both hands and at one point would not put them down for fear that someone else may pick them up. She was saying, "that is MY toy" and "No, I NOT share" so much that I was starting to get really embarrassed. Especially when she thought it was okay to play with everyone else's toys. Of course she did have moments when she would share, but I have to admit, they were few and far between. Everyone keeps saying that this is a three year old thing and that it will pass, but I don't remember Kaleb being like this at all when he was her age. Maybe it is a girl thing? I don't know, and I am not quite sure of the best way to handle the situation. She is also saying "NOT" a lot. For example, " I am NOT taking a nap" and she is telling me to "stop" and "be nice". Yea, welcome to the three's. Ayla will be three next week. I am really not sure why it is called the "terrible two's", it definitely should be the "terrible three's"!!

So, with sharing not going so well at the beach, I was amazed when I saw this


They LOVED this slurpee and it was so funny to watch them drink it together!


Ayla loved feeding it to Brennan and for however long it took them to drink that slurpee, I did not hear a peep from them.


So maybe the sharing does not apply to her brother, but I have to admit that I forsee many more slurpees in our future!!!!



Anonymous said...

Thank you for your prayers for Drew, he seems to be getting better each day but we will see on Wednesday where he is at. Thanks for sharing pictures of your two CUTE kids! Sharing is hard at times especially in our household.

Summer said...

How cute is that pic of Ayla and Brennan sharing a slurpee! She always shares with Kelcee :0) Probably cause they are BFF's and Kelcee likes dinos and not dolly's Ha! Ha!