Aug 6, 2009

Slacking and update on Ayla


I know I have been slacking with my posts lately, but I have just felt overwhelmed with trying to plan Kaleb's 16th party, and now Ayla's at the end of the month and then Brennan's in October! Not to mention that I am going to be selling hair bows, hats and jewelery at the Arts and Crafts fair coming up in September. So in my spare time (HA) I am trying to get ready for that!


Oh yeah and then there was the inner ear infection that I had that lasted for THREE weeks.. every morning when I woke up I felt like I had the worse hangover of my life. I was dizzy and nauseous and just felt like doing nothing, which is basically what I did! It was awful, I didn't think I would ever feel better! Try taking care of two children under the age of two with a hangover, let me tell ya, it's not fun and I wouldn't suggest it!! But anywho...


So here we are in the month of August already and of course I am still stuck in JUNE.. imagine that!!


John has a PA conference at the end of this month in Myrtle Beach. I am still trying to decide if I want to travel eight hours away with the kids. They are terrible traveling and being off of their schedule, not to mention staying in a hotel room (with them) is not much fun. I would love to get away, but it may be more stressful to go. So that is up in the air at the moment!

Ayla is doing AWESOME!! The Enbrel is working great! She has been a different little girl lately. She is really coming out of her shell and just being so outgoing! She will strike up a conversation with anyone and she talks ALL OF THE TIME!!
We had her lab work done a couple of days ago and I am so happy to say that everything is within normal limits. We are on cloud nine! This has been the first time in over eighteen months that her lab work has been normal. Two months ago before the Enbrel, her sed rate (inflammation marker) was 69. It is now 7! Normal is 0-10. We are just amazed and thrilled! God is so good! I have been in touch with our local newspaper and they are going to do an article on JRA and Ayla. I am trying to raise awareness since most people don't even know that children can get arthritis. I would also like to start a support group for my area. I know there are other JRA families out there and I would love to meet them so we can all be a support for each other!

Brennan is doing great, he is still in the " I like pushing my sister's baby stroller's around" phase....and yes he IS wearing Santa pj's in August!


Kaleb is doing great as well, we had his birthday party cookout on Saturday and had lot's of fun! I am going to post about that soon and show you his big suprise!!


Okay well, I guess I need to go get busy and try to catch up to August before September is!!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Lesli,

I co-chair a support group in Oregon. Email me if you want some pointers on starting one. Cindy

Summer said...

O.K. girlie... quit slacking... Ha! Ha! You've got me blogging now... HELP! The bow you showed me yesterday is the cutest... Good Luck and ya know if ya need any help just call me... P.S. Ayla is the cutest in that outfit... Love it with the shoes...

Rachael. said...

Aww the bows are so cute! Are you going to sell them online as well ?