Oct 7, 2009

Pumpkin Parade


Last weekend we took the kids to a Pumpkin Festival parade. Trust me , I know that doesn't sound too exciting, but there is not a whole lot to do around here to entertain small children, and Ayla is a big fan of parades (or picking up candy I should say) so we decided to go and have some fun!!

Lucky for me there was a little set up with pumpkins and I was able to get a few(hundred) pictures!! For your sake, I only posted a FEW!



For anyone that knows Ayla, you will think this is funny, she is of course holding her ears, like she ALWAYS does when there is loud noises!

She did pretty well standing there collecting candy for an entire HOUR,

So, I decided to go ahead and let her have a LITTLE!!

While Brennan sat in the stroller and ate a WHOLE bag of chips and drank a coke-HA! Okay, in my defense they were Sun Chips, does that make it any better?

Now you know why he is so happy sitting in his stroller!!
Parade+Candy+Chips+Coke= Upset stomach!!
Oh well, it was totally worth it..lol!!!

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Summer said...

Girl you are getting so good with your photography! I love how you put "little pumkin" on Brennan's pic! ADORABLE! Looking at those pics make me even more bummed that we couldn't go that day! Maybe we'll make it with ya'll next year!

Summer :0)