Oct 4, 2009

My New Etsy Store and The Zoo


Okay, first thing first. I have been working ALL DAY on getting my Etsy store set up. I have a HUGE headache, and It is still not how I want it. All of the pictures that I have taken are too large, so I have to go back and edit every single one of them so it is taking more time than I anticipated. For now I have named my store, "My Angel Ayla Bowtique". Since Ayla is my inspiration, I thought this was fitting. I know it is not that original or unique, but it will due for the time being. I just did my last Arts and Crafts fair over the weekend for this year and I have some left over Halloween stock that I am trying to sell. I am offering it in lots and at a great price. If anyone who reads this blog is interested or has any questions, just visit my Etsy store or send me an email at Lesli626@aol.com. Just click HERE to visit my store. I will work on putting it on my sidebar at a later time, I am just too tired to do it right now.

On another note.........

While we were in Cincinnati last weekend, the Children's Hospital was so kind to give us free tickets to the zoo, so we decided to go on Saturday morning. I have to tell you that I was very impressed with this Zoo. It was so beautiful and so clean and the landscaping was quite incredible too. The kids had a wonderful time, they enjoyed looking at the animals, they had the most fun laughing at the monkeys and riding the train. Ayla has always wanted to ride a train, so she was so excited to do this. So what if it only lasted a total of five minutes or so, she still loved it..lol!! So I leave you with a ton of pictures from the Zoo!! Enjoy!

This is the entrance to the Zoo. It is right smack down in the middle of down town Cincinnati, kind of odd, but once you are inside you forget that you are in the city!!

This is the front entrance....


John took these pictures of the landscaping, it was so pretty!


As we walked up to look at the Elephants, there were a few ducks inside with the Elephants. What was the first thing Ayla said, "Oh, look at the ducks". I thought that was funny!


Ayla liked the lions, she said all of the animals were sleeping..







The long awaited train ride....




Daddy being brave for his children and holding a snake.. well kind of..well maybe touching a snake is more like it..lol!!

Here they were watching the Monkeys...they just laughed at them, it was so cute!

And this was poor Brennan when we had to leave. He did NOT want to go! I had to carry him out crying.


Whitney said...

Thanks Leslie! I will check it out! Glad y'all had a great day at the zoo! I'm adding your blog to my page right now, so I can remember to check it! :)

Summer said...

Those zoo pics are sooo super cute! Via our phone convo last night I am going to try to add your store on my side bar too.... If I can figure it out! Ha! It looks super cute and I love the name the Bow-tique part is original and cutesy....

Whitney said...

Leslie~ I checked out the store! I love it! Will you have some flower clips without the beanies?
I love the halloween flower!

Whitney said...

Hey again! I put a plug for you on my Bows, Bling, and Girly things blog! :)