Oct 27, 2009

Just a Few Things

Just a few things since I am sooo behind in posts lately! Last week our computer crashed. One minute it was working, the next it was not! I took it to the computer store and they suggested that we buy another computer-Great! (I just love spending Christmas money on a new computer). Luckily, they were able to save the hard drive so I can transfer everything over to our new computer. It took me three days to transfer my pictures. I was so glad that we were able to get those back, that was what I was most upset about.

So the day after we got our new computer up and running, our printer decided to give us problems. After spending a whole day taking the printer apart, I finally and still have no idea how, got the printer working again. Yeah, last week was AWESOME!!

So now that everything is working, I am trying to get caught up on everything. I sell most of my children's clothes on ebay every season and I am sooo behind. I normally have everything listed and sold by now, so I have to start on that this week.

On to other things.........

Miss Ayla had her three year old Dr's appointment a couple of weeks ago. I went ahead and took all three kids at one time because they all needed the flu shot and it was a total fiasco. Note to self, *Never take all three kids to the Dr at the same time*. When I picked Kaleb up from school this is what he looked like

Lesli's I Phone 334

Nice hu? The boxer's over the shorts just may be the new trend..haha!

He wanted to know if I had brought him an extra change of clothes (apparently he had sent me a text from school) in which I didn't. I forgot it was wacky Wednesday at school and so at least he gave everyone a laugh at the Dr's Office.

Ayla is doing very well, she weighed in at 32 pounds and is a whopping 39 inches tall. She is very tall for her age, everyone always thinks she is older. There was a period last year from November to April while she was on oral steroids, that she grew very little if any at all, so she is definitely catching up!

Ayla did well while the Dr checked her out. Her pediatrician is so funny and Ayla really liked him. She sat there the whole time and let him check her out (first time ever). He is really funny and she said he was a silly clown-Ha. He did notice that Ayla has a heart murmur, but he said that it was nothing to worry about.

Another reason I am so behind on blogging is because since Miss Ayla has turned three, she has decided that she will no longer take naps. Oh how I miss my quiet time. This was when I would sit down, relax and blog. So unfortunately that is not the case anymore.


In addition to Ayla not taking naps, she is also getting out of her bed all night long and getting into our bed. I keep putting her back in her bed and she will sleep for a few hours and get up again. I am so exhausted, I honestly do not know what to do. I have been letting her sleep with us after she gets up the third or fourth time for no other reason than I need to get some sleep. Before learning to climb out of her crib, she slept all night every night in her bed. This is a huge change for us and I am hoping that when John is finished with her big girl bed that she will stay in it.
She is a very restless sleeper, her body jerks in her sleep often and she sqirms the whole time. So even though she is in the bed with us, it is still not a good nights sleep. I believe this is the result of the medicines she is on and so I am going to talk to her Rheumatologist about this and see what she thinks.


As I am sitting her typing this at 10:45pm, she has already been out of bed four times. The first time she said her leg hurt and she needed a ban ban (bandaid). So we got her a Dora bandaid and she went back to bed. The second time she got up she said her arm was hurting, the third her foot...get the picture!! Ah, it's going to be a long night!

Okay so lets talk about some positives. Ayla did start using the potty last week!! I am so proud of her. I told her I would get her something for using the potty and she wanted a Barbie with Babies (she saw on a commercial) so Daddy went out after work and bought her the Pediatrician Barbie. Ayla loves anything family oriented, especially babies. She loves her new barbie and plays with it all the time. She pretends to give the babies shots in their legs like Daddy does to her. It is so stinkin cute, she says, "its okay" to the babies and then rubs their legs after she gives them the shots. We also went out and bought a slew of panties last night. You have to have princess and Tinkerbell panties you know!! Hey, as long as it helps, I am all for it!


Speaking of Princess, Ayla is just now getting into all that. She knows them all and loves her Cinderella dress that Mama Sandy sent her from Disney World. It is gorgeous and I have to admit that she makes a pretty cute Princess. Every time we get ready to go somewhere she says, "Yay, we are going to Disney World" and then I have to remind her that Disney World is in Florida and about 12 hours away. Last week at our play group she told one of the mom's that she was going to Disney World like Kaleb. It was funny, we have a picture of Kaleb with Mickey Mouse when he was about 8 years old and so she says she wants to see Mickey Mouse like Kaleb...lol.. that girl, never a dull moment!!


So hopefully one day we will be able to visit the "Magical Kingdom" but until then we will just dress up like Cinderella and pretend! It's very cute and much cheaper that way!!


wife.mom.nurse said...

What a darling series of pix with the princess! No naps- eeeeek!

The outfit on your big boy is a riot!

Sorry to hear of the computer woes!

Summer said...

LOL at Kaleb's outfit! Tell him he should wear that to work! Ha! Ha! Awwww how cute is Ayla in that dress! Yep will have to bring Kelcee down to play soon and tote along her new dump truck! Ha! Ha! They can put Ayla's dollies in it and Brennan I'm sure will love it!
Very funny, huh!
Summer :0)