Nov 7, 2008

Brennan's one year appointment!

Today was Brennan's one year old well child visit. Everything went great. Except for a little reflux, he continues to thrive weighing in at a healthy 22 pounds and 30 inches long. He is only 4 pounds lighter than his two year old sister!! Of course she is on the small side for her age. I am going to start him on prevacid for his reflux so hopefully that will help. I decided to skip his one year immunizations and only give him the flu shot. John and I have been struggling with whether or not to have him vaccinated and we just decided that right now we will wait. We have went over and over in our minds of when Ayla started feeling bad and we know that she was well and healthy until she had her one year immunizations. After that she never felt well again. I am not saying that the MMR or any other vaccines caused her JRA, but it does make you think. Anyway, with the rise of autism in kids and the more I read about vaccinations, I just want to wait until he gets a little bigger. The doctor was very understanding about it and she said I could even wait until he starts school to get him immunized. With me staying at home with him, it turns out it really is no big deal!! What a relief for me!


Jacob's Mom said...

I just realized I picked the same backround for my blog as you! Sorry I wasn't copying!

Lesli said...

how funny.. that just means we have good taste!!