Nov 14, 2008


It has been a little over one week since Ayla started on Prednisone and the results have been great so far. Her joints are still swollen, but overall she does not act like she is in pain and for the first time in a long time, it doesn't take her thirty minutes in the morning before she will start walking. Her face is a little puffy from the steroid but I guess that is a minor detail when looking at the larger picture.
It is still not easy giving her five medicines at three different times a day but this is "Our Life" now and is all Ayla has ever known. When she first started on the Naproxen eight months ago, I would coerce her with a sucker so that she would take it. I was having a problem with her taking the Prednisone and Zantac after lunch and a sucker was not doing the trick, so I offered her m&m'S and it is working like a charm. This is the first time she has ever had m&m's and she of course loves them. She only gets three, but sometimes I have to admit that I give in and give her five..or so... I know what a terrible mom!!
This Saturday will be her fourth dose of Methotrexate, I am hoping that we will see some results soon. The holidays are fast approaching us and I would love to see her feeling well and enjoying the holidays. I am excited and looking forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas, but I will also be excited to put this year behind us and start a new year. This year has been full of heartache after heartache, appointments after appointments, medicines and more medicines, months of physical therapy, countless times of blood work, x-rays... you name it we have done it. Hopefully a new year will be a new beginning for our little Ayla! As Kate says on the TLC show John and Kate plus eight... it may be a crazy life, but "It is our life!"

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