Nov 20, 2008

Great news, dishes and shopping!!

She even puts them on the counter!

Mommy's little helper! She has always
loved helping me with the dishes!

What is it with kids and baskets? I don't
Know but it sure makes for a cute picture!

This is how I found Ayla and her "friends"
one afternoon after a nap. They are all
lined up perfectly watching television.
I Love my brother!

I can do it!!
First of all I just want to say that Ayla is doing awesome! She is running around, playing, laughing and acting silly! Just two nights ago John said, "look, she is acting like a normal two year old". She is jumping (with both feet off the ground) something she has never been able to do and doing flip flops all over the floor, it is so amazing to see her doing all of these new things. Her neck is doing great, she is turning it without a problem, I am just thrilled as you can probably tell by this post. It is a double edged sword though I have to admit, I feel like we have been robbed of one whole year. One whole year of crying, pain and not feeling well...but I will try not to complain..... It really is amazing the difference we are seeing in her. I know that steroids have helped, but maybe the methotrexate has started to help as well. Her next appointment is December 5th so we will see what the PR says...she will probably want to start weaning Ayla off of the Pred to see if the mtx is working.
I have posted a few pictures tonight, because it has been a while since I have posted any.
The kids are both into climbing right now...they climb on anything and everything, today I found both of them on top of the sub woofer in our living room. Needless to say I unplugged it and it is gone. Ayla has also been climbing on our bar stool in the kitchen so we had to put that up as well. The other day she was playing in her room and she came running out saying "I did it, I did it", and I said you did what Ayla and she took me to her room and showed me. She pulled her potty chair(which she never uses) up to her door, stepped on top of it and turned her light off.. she was so proud!!
Lately, Ayla and Brennan have been going into Ayla's room to play. She loves getting him to follow her into her room. We decided to get a video monitor so that we could watch them because every once in a while, Ayla will push Brennan down, you know totally an accident I'm course we have had the monitor for a few days now and guess where they go to play.. yep that's right, now they go to Brennan's room to play. So last night they were in his room playing and next thing I hear is Brennan screaming. I don't know what happened but Brennan had a huge and I mean huge bump protruding from his forehead. Ayla kept saying "he fall down" um hum wonder how that happened? Needless to say, no more alone play time for them!
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We have lab work tomorrow, so I will keep everyone posted on how that goes!

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Amelia said...

Ayla - Aunt Amy is so happy you are feeling better. I can't wait to play with you guys tonight while Mommy and Daddy get a date night :) Love you !!