Nov 4, 2008

Ayla Update

Unfortunately, this is not a good update. Since we decreased Ayla's naproxen dosage a couple of weeks ago, she has been complaining almost every day of her foot and fingers hurting. On Sunday we discovered that her third toe on her left foot is swollen. Now the top of her foot is swollen, John said that her metatarsal joint is inflammed. We are both sick to think about it. If you remember, all of her other affected joints have been on the right side, this is the first joint on the left side that has been affected. I remember the other day when we were putting her left shoe on, she kept saying it hurt, I couldn't figure out why because only her right foot had been hurting up until now. I have a call in to the Dr. to see if we can increase her Naproxen dose again until the Methotrexate has a chance to work. Ayla just received her second dose on Saturday evening. Today I am taking her in for her x-rays. This is very upsetting for John and I . I just can't hardly think about it without crying. I just want her to be a healthy two year old like she is supposed to be!

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Amelia said...

Ayla Bug Aunt Amy wants you to feel better. I pray for you all the time. I know God will heal our pain, but in his time. I love you and can't wait to see you !!