Jan 14, 2009

Lab Work Update

Ayla had her lab work done last week and the results are great! This is the first time EVER that her lab work has been this good. Her hemoglobin has improved and her platelets are almost within the normal range. Her sed rate is still normal as well. Even though she is still on prednisone, I can't help but think that maybe the Methotrexate has started working. I am going to start weaning her off of the prednisone so time will tell. She is still acting like she feels well too so this is definitely a good thing. Her ankle is still swollen and her right arm will not straighten all the way out but neither seem to be causing her any pain.
Thankfully, lab work will only have to be done every eight weeks now instead of every four. I always dread taking her to the lab, because she is beginning to remember what happens when she goes there. I always put lidocaine cream (numbing cream) on her arm before we go in hopes that it will help a little. She cries as soon as I get the tube out of the bag and start to put it on her. I tell her that I am putting lotion on her. This last time when she got her blood drawn, she was crying and I kept telling her it was okay and to try and not cry that it will be all over soon.
Now, she pretends to draw my blood with her medical kit that she got for Christmas and she tells me "it's okay mommy, don't cry". It's so funny, she also takes my blood pressure, listens to my heart and checks my mouth and ears. I am hoping this will help out a little when we go to our doctor appointments. She is not fond of getting her blood pressure taken and she freaks out at the sight of a stethoscope. Oh, and every day since I put the lidocaine cream on her arm, she thanks me about three times a day for putting "lotion" on her arm. It goes a little like this, out of the blue

"thank you mommy for lotion on my arm, its all over"
me- "yes honey, its all over you are okay".
And she is happy with that, and continues on playing...

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