Jan 29, 2009

They Grow Up So Fast

My babies are growing up. Its seems that everyday they are doing something or learning something new.

Ayla is not quite yet 28 months old and she is talking,talking and talking some more. At times, I look at John and ask if she has taken a breath lately. She can actually talk in sentences and carry on a conversation. She knows how to work the I-phone and I am not kidding. When someone calls, she can slide the bar and answer it and put it on speaker. No one believes me until they see her do it, it is hilarious. She can also play songs, games and watch her videos on the phone as well. I know some adults that can not work the I-phone, and she is only two years old. She loves to color, play with stickers and sing. She is not at all interested in potty training, and thats okay. She will get there eventually and I am not at all worried about that. She knows a ton of bible songs and can sing every word to Jesus loves me. If I am certain about one thing that I see in Ayla's future, it is that in some way, shape or form music will be apart of it. It's almost like music is apart of her, its in her.. in her soul. She loves music and her most recent love is a musician who plays the trumpet "Chris Botti".Yes my daughter loves Chris Botti. My sister was babysitting last week and the next day she called and said "man Ayla really likes Chris
Botti, she kept asking me to play his dvd all night". The very next day after Amy babysat, Ayla kept saying to me "Chris Botti hot", "Chris Botti hot". I kept saying, Ayla I don't understand, what do you mean "Chris Botti hot". I thought for a moment that maybe something was wrong with her dvd player in her room where she was watching Chris Botti so I went in there and checked it and it was fine. So I thought to myself surely she can not be meaning that Chris Botti is hot as in Chris Botti is cute. So then I said "Chris Botti is cute" and she said " yeah Chris Botti's cute". So I called my sister and asked her if by any chance that she mentioned that Chris Botti was hot in front of Ayla in which she reluctantly replied..um, yes, I think so!!! Holy cow my two year old thinks Chris Botti the trumpet player is hot, her Daddy is not going to like this!! So even now she tells me all the time that Chris Botti is cute. I think we are going to have our hands full when she gets older!!!

She even asks to listen to him when she goes to sleep. She will carry around Johns I phone and listen to him and hum along. I would say music is medicine for her. It has always helped her to relax and we always have it playing at her doctor appointments.

Another cute thing that she does is when she asks for more of something, she puts more on the end of the sentence like, "Ayla wants cheese crackers more" or "Ayla wants kickle more" kickle meaning pickle!! It is so funny how she refers to herself in the third person. When she wants to be held she says "Ayla hold you" or just "hold you" instead of saying me. We have also been talking about some of the Disney princesses lately and she calls Snow White, Snow WIPE!! She is a little character and it is so fun seeing her personality develop more and more each day! Oh and everyone is a SHE or a HER, male or not, you are a SHE or a HER..lol... When Brennan wakes up from his naps, Ayla says, "I'm going to go get HER" and when he is crying, Ayla says, " She is crying".

Here is a video of Ayla listening to Chris Botti. We were on our way home from the mall and as you can tell, she was extremely worn out! She is also being silly and has her headband across her forehead instead of on her head!! The other video is of her in the hall dancing and listening to Christ Botti. If you watch until the end, Brennan goes into his room and Ayla tells her Daddy to go in and get HER!! Too cute

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Amelia said...

Oh whow !!! I taught my niece that Chris Botti is "hot" Well at least she is honest :) He is a hottie !! The video is cute, but you need to teach her Brennan is a "he" not a "her", LOL !