Jan 26, 2009


This was the scene at our house last night. Brennan has needed a haircut for a while now and John kept saying I am going to cut his hair. Okay first of all let me explain, John cuts his own hair, Kaleb's hair and even some of his co-workers hair. He even keeps clippers in his locker just in case....this is funny, but he actually had a surgeon call him on a weekend on one of his days off asking if he would come into work and cut his hair... he has been doing this for years now.

But the problem is he only uses clippers, he never uses scissors. Brennan of course is too little for clippers and I kept telling John you are not going to cut Brennan's hair, you are not a hair stylist ..to his reply very serious "Lesli, if I can do surgery, I can cut hair", okay I'm sorry I don't really see how the two relate. Surgery and cutting hair. Anywho, I finally gave in and let John cut Brennan's hair and I have to admit (reluctantly) that it turned out very cute!

So after cutting Brennan's hair and feeling good about himself, he said "I am going to cut Ayla's hair now". I just laughed because I knew Ayla would not allow this, especially since she cried the whole entire time Brennan was getting his hair cut. Brennan didn't even cry, but Ayla was not happy about it at all. To make a long story short, John eventually trimmed the ends of Ayla's hair and I was not able to get pictures because she was screaming the whole time and I was trying to bribe her with suckers. This took forever to get both kids hair trimmed, I was exhausted and when I finally sat down I was unhappy to discover that I had missed "A Very Duggar Wedding" on TLC in which I had been waiting to watch all evening. Oh well, at least my children have hair cuts now and seriously, look at these precious faces!!!!

This is Brennan after his haircut! Isn't he the cutest thing!!

Here is Brennan before his haircut!!

This is the best picture I could get last night after Ayla's haircut!!


Mom (grandma) said...

They both are beautiful!

Les said...

Hi Lesli! I almost thought I won the book contest at Bring the Rain, and realized there was another person who spelled their name without an "e" at the end of Lesli. Your kids are beautiful :)