Feb 9, 2009



This seems to be Ayla's favorite four words recently. I guess I didn't realize how much I tell Ayla to stop it..only when she is pulling the curtains down, pushing her brother, pouring her water out onto the floor, pushing all of the buttons on the DVD player, you know things like that. So this weekend she has continually told John and I,"No you stop it!". Like last night as she was flooding our bathroom floors with bath water, I said "Ayla stop splashing water" and of course she said, "No you stop it Mommy", as she also pointed her finger at me. I told John I think she is a little too young to be telling her parents to stop it. Of course, I cant get
too angry with her because it is just too darn cute when she says it, I actually have to refrain myself from laughing. Oh well, we did need a laugh this weekend because this is ALL I have done this weekend......

Yes this is our basket of medicines. And with two sick kiddos, I feel like all I have done is pass out medicine! Ayla and Brennan started getting sick last Tuesday, Ayla is starting to feel better but I took Brennan to the Dr. this morning and he has croup and an ear infection as well. Poor little baby, he was up all night last night coughing, he sounds terrible. We have done lots of steam baths, and I started him on a steroid today to see if it will help. I feel so bad for him, you can tell he is miserable and all he does is cry.

You would think with me staying at home with them, that they wouldn't get this sick. We are so careful about taking them out, especially during the flu season and keeping them away from sick people etc.. its just really frustrating to say the least (not to mention expensive)

2 doctors visits = $50


2 cool mist vaporizers=$50

But hopefully VERY SOON

we will have two happy, healthy babies which = PRICELESS!!!

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