Feb 6, 2009

Sick Snowdays.....

Unfortunately, the kiddos have came down with a terrible cold, fever and ear infections. After the third sleepless night last night and being up with Ayla until 4am, I took Ayla to her pediatrician this morning. Ayla could not sleep last night because every time she would lay down she would start coughing and then crying. So John and I got our pillows and blankets and camped out on the couch and living room floor with Ayla. I must have watched Ayla's favorite Chris Botti dvd one hundred times. I'm almost sure I know every song now..lol... They are both on a antibiotic and I hope that they will start feeling better soon. John and I are exhausted to say the least!!

We were supposed to go to Cincinnati today for Ayla's Rheumatology appointment but of course we could not make the 3 1/2 hour trip with two sick babies. I will have to reschedule and I will keep everyone updated on how that goes. Since I decreased her prednisone, Ayla has been complaining just about everyday that her fingers are hurting. I spoke with the PR last week and she said that we may have to start the methotrexate injections so that is something we will talk about at her next appointment. We also have to skip her methotrexate dose this week because of her illness. Since her immune system is already compromised and since she now has an infection in her body (ear infection) it would be harder for her little body to fight off the infection with the methotrexate dose this week. The prednisone is a double whammy because it also weakens your immune system.

Last week however was a good week and the kids were able to go outside and experience the snow for the first time. They both loved it and Ayla wants to go outside everyday when John gets home. I took tons of pictures and video so everyone can see our little snow bunnies!!! John was so excited that he went out and bought a sled, of course there hasn't been any snow since then. Imagine that!!

Until the next time...................

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