Feb 19, 2009

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This weeks High, Brennan is finally starting to feel better after having RSV, double ear infections and bronchitis for 2 1/2 weeks. Ayla is doing great with her Arthritis, she has been in a very good mood lately and not complaining hardly at all. Every once in a while she will say that her fingers hurt but so far so good. She is only on .5ml of prednisone right now so I think she is doing extremely well.
The Lo actually just happened, Kaleb was at school and playing around with a friend who had a knife, (why would a kid bring a knife to school?) and he accidentally got a little cut on his hand. The school nurse called and said he may need a couple of stitches and that he should see a Dr. Kaleb was very upset because he was getting ready to go on his last ski trip with his school. The nurse made it seem like some big, huge cut, so I called John and told him to bring some supplies home from the Hospital that he may need a few stitches.
Kaleb gets home and he had his hand all bandaged up, I was scared to even look at the cut. He takes the bandage off and the first thing I said was, " um, where is the cut?" Turns out it is a very microscopic cut that requires a band aid at the MOST. John was like, "is she really a nurse with like nursing experience"..lol.. I just hate it that he had to miss his last ski trip since he looks forward to skiing every week!
Another Lo is that his friend who had the knife was expelled from school. Kaleb was very upset and crying because he did not want his friend to get in trouble. I told Kaleb that I was sorry about his friend but he should know better than to bring a knife to school and that was the consequences he had to pay. It could have turned out to be much worse. I hate to even think about it. I am just glad that everything turned out to be okay!

Okay head on over to the Riggs family Blog and enter your Hi/Lo's for a chance to win $100.00. I mean who couldn't use one hundred dollars!! I know I can!!


Tanya said...

That's a crazy story about your son, good thing he didn't need stitches.

fmattso said...

Ok this has nothing to do with anything besides my daughter was also diagnosed with JRA at 18 months. We took her to 10 doctors before we figured out what was wrong with her. She is 12 now and has some pretty ugly flare ups now and then but nothing like she did when she was little. It's good to know I wasn't alone.

Danita said...

Congratulations on winning!!

Sweet Joni said...

Well, first CONGRATS on your FIVE YR Anniversary! Second, Congrats on the Hi/Lo Winning :)

I feel for Kaleb missing the LAST ski trip! I was on the School Ski Team & remember how my heart broke when I couldn't go with my TEAM...
I'm hoping he's feeling better over it now though! AND the cut was only tiny! :)
Bouncing back over to Riggs :D