Feb 12, 2009


Okay it has been 9 days and there is still sickness in my house. Last night I was up with Brennan from 12 until 4am. Talk about being exhausted! I haven't got much sleep for the past week and I am starting to feel it. Ayla is doing much better, she is only coughing a little with a runny nose but Brennan is still not feeling well at all. He is coughing his head off and is still so congested. If he does not feel better tomorrow, I think I will take him in for a chest x-ray. He has been on a antibiotic and a oral steroid for four days. His barking croup cough is gone, but he is still coughing pretty bad.
If things do not getter soon, I think I just might lose my mind. I have got nothing done around the house, unless wiping snotty noses counts! I really need to go to the grocery store, we have no food and this morning I used the rest of the milk. I also wanted to get the kids a little something for valentines day but it doesn't look like that will happen either.

This has to get better sometime...right?? Okay well someone is crying so I better go and wipe some more noses!!

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