Mar 13, 2009

A Day At The Park

This past weekend the weather was beautiful, it was in the 80's and it felt like a typical hot summer day. We found a park in downtown Charleston called "Celebration Station" and it is awesome!

The kids loved it, in fact I took Ayla Saturday and Sunday!

Ayla's favorite part was walking across the "bridges" and Brennan, well he just enjoyed walking, I mean running everywhere!

There were a ton of swings........

and slides.........

there was even a little "play house"area

and Ayla even found a spot to practice her driving skills , you can tell she is going to be daddy's girl! Well actually if you ask her, she says that she is "mommy's princess" and "daddy's boy". John gets a big kick out of that!!

and after a day of fun in the sun.........

Brennan was exhausted and ready for a good, long nap! Hurry up summer, we are ready for more fun days in the sun!
By the way, I woke up this morning to snow everywhere :( this weather is crazy!

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