Mar 4, 2009


It seems just like yesterday that we brought this sweet baby boy home from the hospital Sixteen months (almost 17 now) has come and gone .Thats right, this beautiful, sweet, loving, big blue- eyed boy is 16 months old! Brennan is growing every day and is starting to develop quite the personality. He is definitely a Momma's boy and oh how I love him! Most of the time he will not let any one else hold him except me. If you try to hold him, he says "no" and looks away. Just the other day John said "You don't even like your daddy". Im sure it is just a phase, he is even getting jealous of Ayla. He used to be so happy when she woke up in the mornings, but now he cries when she gets up because he knows that she will be getting some of my attention. He is up a full two hours with me before she gets out of bed. He goes to bed at 8 every night and is up at 7am on the dot. Here lately he has only been taking one nap during the day instead of two.

These days he is Really into climbing, his new thing is sitting ON TOP of his train table and playing while watching Blue's Clue's.

He also likes to climb on all of the furniture and jump up and down.

When he is not climbing on everything, he likes to help his Mommy clean.

When I sweep up a pile of dirt, he loves to walk through the dirt and spread it everywhere. Doesn't he know that is Not helping mommy? Ayla on the other hand says "yucky, dirt" and walks AROUND it. Thats my girl!

He even enjoys swinging in the swing that Daddy put up for him

Every once in a while, he will even fall asleep in it, holding his favorite Blue Blankie of course. For some reason he likes to fall asleep with blue blankie on his head- silly boy!!!!

I think his FAVORITE thing to do is read books. Just a couple of days ago John and I found him sitting in the floor looking at a book and he was just jabbering away. It was so cute!

Oh, how I love this baby, I just wish that he wasnt growing up so fast! The best moments are when he is in my arms, lying his head on my chest, I know these times will not last forever, and I just like to soak it all in and remember every detail. I am so thankful that he is in our life. He melts my heart EVERY DAY! I love you baby boy!!

Things he is saying
hi, by (and waves) duck (quacks like a duck when he sees one), roars like a lion, Dorwa (dora) bobble (bottle) momma, dada, juice, NO (and very well), truck
He can point to my nose, eyes and mouth

I love you Brennan, thank you for putting a smile on mommy's face every day

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