Mar 4, 2009

"Washin the Lishes"

Oh, Boy What Have I Done?!!!!!!!!!

I had the great idea to fill the sink up with water and let Ayla play. Wow, does she like this. She wants to do this CONSTANTLY! She says that she is "Washin the lishes" I keep trying to get her to say "dishes" but she insists that the correct word is "lishes". I tell you, these two year olds think they know She also says that she is "stirring the eggs". Oh well, it does keep her busy while I am trying to get some things done and she really, really enjoys it............ what are the chances that she will continue to like "washin the lishes" as she gets older? hmm, I guess I wouldn't bet on it!

And now if I could only get Brennan to CLEAN the refrigerator while he is taking everything OUT, that would be just great! Doesn't he know that he could make my life MUCH

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