Apr 29, 2009

Brennan Eighteen Months Old

Yesterday was Brennan's 18 month old check up. He is doing great weighing in at a whopping 27 pounds (the same as his two year old sister), and 33 1/4 inches in height. Brennan was not too happy about seeing the Doctor, he is still not fond of NEW people, although he is at least letting his DAD hold him more often.lol..The whole time while we were at the Dr's office Brennan was playing a game on my I- phone. He knows how to pull the game up and play it. It is quite amazing actually at his age to be able to do this. The Dr. kept saying, " He is really smart".



Of course I already knew that-ha! He loves to lay on the floor and play with my phone, it teaches him his numbers, shapes and colors so I guess it is okay. He has just started to try and count. He can say "two" and "six"and he knows what order they go in. His vocabulary is just now starting to expand, it seems like he says a new word every day. His latest is saying "yes" he says "ya" for yes, it is so cute! He also likes to sing and dance with his sister, who knows, maybe they will be the next "Osmonds".




He also enjoys playing ball outside in the yard. John stands at the bottom of our yard and kicks the ball up to him and he throws it back. He runs all over the yard with the ball, he is definitely full of energy. I wish I had a picture of this, but he is also infatuated with toothbrushes and shoes. Funny,hu? He loves to brush his teeth and he runs off with it so I wont take it away. He also loves shoes, not wearing them, just carrying them around. It is no suprise to see him walking around with a shoe in his hand. He will sit in his room and pull ALL of his shoes from his bin and just play with them. I wish I would have known this before we invested in a train table, kitchen, slide..etc...a shoe is a lot simpler not to mention CHEAP!!!



We recently bought a sandbox and he will play in that for a little while, until he realizes that he can escape and run like a wild man EVERYWHERE. We do not have a fence up yet (working on it) so we have to chase him the whole time we are outside. He is definitely the ring leader of the two . He does what he is not supposed to do and Miss Ayla follows right behind him. Like the time that I went to the bathroom for ONE minute and when I came out the patio door was opened and Brennan had led his sister out to the backyard (in shirts and diapers only) and onto the slide. My heart almost stopped beating because they could have went out into the road so needless to say we now have a lock at the top of the door. He is a "boy" in all sense of the word, he runs, jumps and climbs on everything. I can not for the life of me get him to stop jumping on the couch. Everyone said just wait until he falls, he will not do it again. Yeah right, he has had numerous bumps and bruises and he is still going strong. Oh, yeah he has just started to throw little temper tantrums when he gets upset. It is so funny and it lasts for a total of thirty seconds so I just laugh.


At the end of the day, he is the most amazing, loving and sweetest baby ever! He loves to cuddle and always wants to be on your lap. He still sucks his thumb when he is tired and sleeps with his blue blankie. He sleeps all night from 8pm until 8 or 9 am the next morning. Thank you Lord!!! I am so sad that he will not be a "baby" for much longer. I can hardly think about it without getting upset. He is our last "baby" and I want him to stay that way just a little while longer. He is so, so sweet, I can't even begin to tell you how sweet he is............

Just don't force him to ride in a car with a woman driver and everything will be okay!!


Oh, my baby boy, he sure is a "CLASSIC".

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