Sep 1, 2009

Ayla's Circus Birthday Party

We celebrated Ayla's third Birthday this past Saturday. I decided on a circus theme because she loves the circus. John took her in April (I was sick and couldn't go) and she still talks about it like she went yesterday! She always talks about the clowns, so I also decided to have a clown come as well.


My sister came over on Friday and helped me prepare everything. She made these awesome mini cupcakes with marshmallow's on top to make it look like popcorn in the plastic popcorn holders. We also made marshmallow pops (dipped in icing and sprinkles) and extra cupcakes! She also helped me get all of the favors together and she made her famous dips to bring to the party. Thank you so much Amy, I couldn't have done it without you!!

Here is a picture of the popcorn, they turned out so cute!!

popcorn cupcakes

I had favor bags (with lots of candy), cotton candy, circus animal cracker's and the marshmallow pops for favors. I am sure the parents loved me for this!!!


We had the party at a local park and everyone had a great time. The kids loved being outdoors and running around. Ayla was so excited to see all of her friends, she went up to everyone and gave them a hug. There were swings at the park and we brought a bouncy house and a ball pit that the kids loved. I also ordered three clown bean bag games from Ebay and they were awesome. Ayla and Brennan are still playing with them!





Another favorite thing at the party was this circus banner I found at Michael's. I found it at the last minute and wasn't sure if the kids would actually put their faces in it or not but to my surprise, they did!





and so did the adults for that


When Ayla saw her birthday cake, she was ready for everyone to sing to her so she could blow out her candle. She put her hat on, blew out the candle and then ate the first piece of cake. She was a pro, she just sat there and let everyone take her picture and she would NOT take her hat off, she had it on for the rest of the party! Silly girl!




After the cake, the clown came and began painting faces and making balloon animals for everyone. Ayla was a little scared at first so we had her open presents. She actually opened everything herself but it took forever. She was taking her time and tearing the paper off very gently. It was funny because after she would open the present I would tell her who got it for her and then she would take the present and give it back to them! She did this for the first few gifts and then after that she finally realized that she was keeping the gifts!



Once she opened this little camera, she didn't want anything else. She loved that camera and she would pretend to take a picture of her gifts after she opened them. It was so cute.



At one point while she was opening gifts, John started wrestling around with an old friend of his that he hasn't seen in a while and Ayla just happened to look up and see them and this was her reaction


Poor thing, she screamed so loud that it got EVERY ONES attention. She did not like what she was seeing!!


So after she calmed down and after presents, my sister took her over to watch the clown as he did a little show for the kids. She eventually warmed up to him and actually started laughing at him!! I am so glad that I had the clown come, the kids loved it and he was so nice and NOT scary at all!!




Overall, it was a wonderful day with family and friends. We are so thankful and blessed to have such great friends and family. It meant so much to see everyone there!! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!

Here are a few more pictures from the party!!

My niece, Angel

My sister Lisa and her Husband, Neil. They are getting ready to move back to WV from Michigan..YEAH!!!!
Friends of ours, Sophie (isn't she a doll) and Stacie

Here is our neighbor, pretty girl Allison

Ayla and Amy

Ayla's BFF Kelcee

John,Grandpa, Ayla, Meemaw and Grandma

Me and my baby boy

Our neighbors, Katarina and Carol

Neighbors that Ayla is in love with. Twins Gracie and Parker!
They are the best babies ever!

Kaleb helping the clown out with a trick!

Amy, Ayla and me!

Aunt Amy and Uncle Dunc!

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What a great party! I think those popcorn box treats came out terrific!