Sep 24, 2009

Cincinnati and Zoo Bound


Well we are headed to Cincinnati tomorrow (Friday) for Ayla's Rheumatology appointment. We usually DREAD these appointments and put them off for as long as possible, but this time we have decided to stay the night and go to the Cincinnati Zoo on Saturday morning. Ayla is so excited, I just hope that the weather is nice so that we can enjoy it! Oh, and when I say "dread" I want to clarify that we love Children's Hospital but when we go it just reminds us that we have a child with a chronic illness and it can be emotionally difficult and stressful at times.


When we decided that we would stay in Cincinnati on Friday, I called the Children's Hospital and asked about hotel rooms. They were so nice and pointed us in the right direction for a room. Not only did they get us a huge discount on the room, but we were also able to get free tickets to the Zoo. Yippee!! We really like Children's, everyone is so nice and the doctors are the best!! We just wish that it wasn't so far away :) It takes us almost four hours one way and we usually make the trip up and back in one day. With two toddlers, that is not so much fun!


Please pray for a good report. I am going into this appointment feeling very good because Ayla has been doing so well lately. I am hoping and praying that they will discontinue the methotrexate and just keep her on the Enbrel only.

I hope everyone has a good weekend, I am sure I will have plenty of Zoo pictures when we get back!!


Summer said...

Girl ya know I am praying for ya'll! Like we talked earlier... I sure hope they take Ayla off of the Methatrexate also... Wouldn't that be wonderful!!!! She does seem to be doing so much better.... I hope you guys have a very peaceful car ride ha! ha!, and a wonderful zoo trip... Will pray for a good report and NO RAIN...
Love ya'll
Summer :0)

Anonymous said...

I will say a pray for you and your family and will be thinking of you all over the weekend. I really hope you all in enjoy the zoo. I look forward to seeing pictures of course of your adventure to the zoo. said...

Hi Lesli!

I hope you will get a good report at the hospital.

Your hats are so adorable. Glad you did great at the craft fair. Putting the pix of your beautiful model out was a GREAT idea.


Again, hoping your trip goes well.