Sep 22, 2009

I Introduce to you....

The newest employee, otherwise known as the bagger and cart gatherer (is that a word?) of Kroger grocery store.


I am so proud of Kaleb, it was his idea to get a job and he is already planning on how he is going to spend his money. Let's see, new wheels and tires, new spoiler and stereo system for his car! Let's just hope that he gets to work some!! I think it is very important to have a good work ethic and I am happy that he is learning that everything is NOT given to you! It was quite funny because on the first day he was a little nervous because he said he didn't know how to bag groceries. I told him that I was sure they would teach him how and if not to try and put all the cold items in one bag, boxes, breakables..etc..


After he worked the first day, I picked him up and he was complaining of how tired his legs were. I was kind of laughing but he assured me that standing and gathering carts for five WHOLE hours was very tiring. I asked him if he had figured out how to bag the groceries and he said that he had his OWN way of doing it. I thought maybe he had come up with some great system of doing it but his new way is to put as many groceries as you can in ONE bag-ha! That boy, he never surprises me!! He worked five days last week and is exhausted when I pick him up. He does like it so far, well as long as he doesn't work Tuesday's that is. Why? Well because Tuesday's are Senior Citizens discount day and he has been warned that it is the WORSE day of the week to!


Anyway, I am so very proud of him, he has matured so much lately and he helps me out with the kids whenever I ask him. He hardly ever complains and rarely asks for anything. I am just so happy because there is HOPE that when he grows up he may change his mind and NOT want to be a professional video gamer (as he says). I am hoping this job is the first step in the RIGHT direction!!!


Summer said...

Oh how funny is that... Tell Kaleb I need to know his work hours so I can get him to load my car... Give him a tip ya know... He looks so thrilled in his uniform... Ha! Ha! That sooo funny he just puts as much as he can in one bag.... What a system Ha! Ha! I guess that's his way of saving the planet one plastic bag at a time... He He He....
Summer :0)

Anonymous said...

What a new journey for him to experience and he will learn a lot. I was a cart and bagger at a grocery store when I was younger! You learn to appreciate others. Thanks for sharing your post and I love photoshop elements 7, just a lot of elements to learn.

jayneH said...

Congratulations to Kaleb, its great hes got a job.. my children worked from being 14 makes them understand good work ethics, well it did with my three:)hugs jayne