Sep 24, 2009

This Boy LOVES This Dog


What can I say, Brennan LOVES his dogs. We have two golden retrievers, Max and Molly and Brennan loves to go outside and play with them. He is always petting and hugging on them. I think it is so cute when he sucks his thumb and loves on the dogs!! Unfortunately we learned that Ayla was allergic to the dogs around 10 months old. She would break out in hives instantly when they licked her so we have been very careful in the past about not letting her get too close to them.




Lately, we have been letting her get a little closer and so far so good! Hopefully she will outgrow this allergy if she hasn't already. Because of her allergy, she is not as brave as Brennan when it comes to the dogs, of course when it comes to Brennan, um well there is really nothing that I can think of that he is NOT afraid of. He is truly a BOY in every sense of the word!!!


Ahh and look at that face, Couldn't you just eat him up?? I know I can!!


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Summer said...

OMG I love that last pic of Molly and Brennan.... I think it looks like the feeling is mutual on this one.... That dog loves that little boy Ha! Ha! That is soooo adorable....
Summer :0)