Nov 3, 2009

Trick or Treat

Halloween pics 2009 008

The kids loved trick or treat! They had a blast. We only walked down one of the streets in our subdivision and they went to every single house and they actually said, " trick or treat" to every single house followed by a very polite, "thank you" and in Brennan's case that would be, " hank you".

Halloween pics 2009 014

Halloween pics 2009 029

I was very surprised with Brennan, he loved every single minute of it. He was like a
professional trick or treater-ha! He can actually say trick or treat very well. Everyone thought he was so cute! For just turning two, he is talking so well and is already putting sentences together!

Halloween pics 2009 049
This is Minnie Mouse and Dorothy otherwise known as Ayla and her friend Hillary. I thought this picture was priceless!!

Halloween pics 2009 032
This is my niece Angel, the very beautiful witch!

Halloween pics 2009 069
and this is the most precious Bumble Bee Ever, Kelcee!! I couldn't get a good picture of her and Ayla together but I thought this one turned out so cute!

Walking down one street was enough for the kids so after that we just sat in front of the house and passed out candy. We normally have around four to five hundred kids for trick or treat. Ayla loved looking at all of the kids in their costumes.

Halloween pics 2009 052

Halloween pics 2009 056

And last but not least, didn't they make the cutest Mickey and Minnie Mouse? They were so adorable. Thanks so much to Mama Sandy for sending Ayla's Minnie Mouse dress from Disney World, it is so cute and Ayla loves wearing it around the house too!! Brennan's costume came from a yard sale this summer for THREE dollars. SCORE!! It was actually a size smaller than what he wears, but I was determined that he was going to fit into that costume, for three dollars, are you!!!!!

Halloween pics 2009 070

Halloween pics 2009 060

So I would have to say that trick or treat was a success this year. I can only imagine how fun next year will be!

Halloween pics 2009 013

Oh, and by the way, they were only allowed a couple of suckers on trick or treat night and they had already forgotten about the candy the next morning. Good thing because John had informed me that he had emptied their buckets into the stash of candy that we were giving out. Im not sure how much longer we will be able to get away with that!!

Halloween pics 2009 042

Until next year........


Anonymous said...

thank you for the sweet comments and i just adore the pictures you took, especially the last one. thank you for sharing

Summer said...

O.K. so I have to say they made the cutest Mickey and Minnie Mouse ever!!!! Angel looked so cute as a pretty witch! I loved that pic of Ayla and Hillary! I loved that pic of Kelcee too! Maybe next year we can get Kelcee to sit still long enough to snap a shot of the two of them!
Oh and that last pic of Ayla and Brennan holding hands is priceless!
Summer :0)

Anonymous said...

Hi Lesli, I just finished reading the article about your little Ayla .. what a trooper ! I too, have RA I was diagnosed at 19 but started having problems when I was a Jr in high school. I take Humira, and methotrexate... so I know a bit about what that little girl of yours is going through. I will add her to my prayer list ! would love to chat with you some time ! would love to be part of a Walk if you are able to get that together to help support the Arthritis foundation. Just wanted to say Hi and to let you know I am thinking of you guys !

Kim Moore
Winfield WV

Sara said...

Hi! I'm glad you stumbled onto my blog. I'm a proud mountaineer and glad to meet other bloggers from here! :) You have a beautiful family! I look forward to reading your blog:)