Apr 24, 2010

Ayla's Etsy Dresses

Edit to update: All sets have been sold! Thank you Ladies!!

Is anyone up for a little blog sale?? Here are a few sets that I purchased from Etsy last year that Ayla has outgrown. (She is getting so tall!) If anyone is interested in these, just send me an email, I will accept paypal. The prices will be much cheaper than what I paid and they are all in excellent condition only worn once or twice! Whatever is left will go to ebay! We are leaving for vacation on Wednesday, so if you want anything let me know and I will get it mailed out before we leave!

Etsy dress Ayla wore for 4th of July, bought from Cora's. Size 3/4. Perfect condition!





I candie (pish posh girls) custom knot/apron dress will fit 2-4 because of the length on the knot straps. We also put a long sleeve shirt under it for Thanksgiving! In perfect condition!





Etsy I candie (pish posh girls) knot top for 3 year old, dress for 2 year old and matching ruffle capri's made my Kissing Kumquats on Etsy. This set is beautiful!


September 09 leslis i phone pics 027

2009 Pictures 1239

Etsy Kissing Kumquats "Lotus" Knot dress size 2/3. Love this print, she is actually still selling this on her site. She can make matching ruffles and her ruffles are the best in my opinion! Iwas honestly getting ready to have ruffles made to match and it is just too tight on Ayla.



This is a Gen Marie Custom Sundress size 4, should also fit a size 3. New with tags.


Icandie (pishposhgirls) butterfly knot/apron dress, 2/3

November 2009 pictures ebay 003

November 2009 pictures ebay 006

November 2009 pictures ebay 002

Just email me if you are interested in any of these!


Amanda M. said...

Um, I would like EVERYTHING, but unfortunately my Mariel is older than Ayla and is bigger. :( Darn. I LOVE LOVE LOVE those dresses. Do you buy Baby Nay? The ruffle capris remind me of lots of their sets. I heart those. These dresses of Ayla's are just TDF!!!

Lesli said...

Amanda, Thank you, yes I LOVE Baby Nay, it is one of my favorite brands!!

RN Mama said...

Wow, those are all beautiful! I would love them, but sadly my 4 year old is already wearing size 5 and 6:( Good luck selling them though!

Paige said...

Pleaseeee send me a msg on how much you want for all of these!! I think that most of these would fit Miss Charli, Ayla looks taller than her I believe.

Ebay is not going great for me so I may just do a blog sale on my blog next go around.

Kimberly said...

Beautiful dresses! you dress her so cute!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the orange sundress!! I also love the blue 4th of july dress for goegria!! I like one of the other ones too!! Can you email the prices of them?? LOVE all of them actually, but cant buy all of them! xoxo

Brandi said...

Omg, way freakin' cute!!! Love them all!!! How much is the orange fall dress and bottoms??? LOve it!!!

Whitney said...

I just sent you a msg. Nevermind on my question about what size! I just read what size! Ha!

trooppetrie said...

man those are adorable if only they were a couple of sizes bigger

Tristan said...

wow..you have such a cute little girl!

sorry i missed the sale..lol..mine could grow into them!

christy rose said...

Oh my goodness! No wonder you sold them all already!! She is absolutely adorable in every single dress! She is a great little model!!

Christensen's said...

These are adorable!! I LOVE that second one, how much?

Katie said...

such a darling and well dressed little DOLL!! if i had one near that age, i'd TOTALLY be in for buying some!!! :)

kanishk said...

those are all beautiful
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