Apr 6, 2010

Easter Morning

The Easter Bunny was very good to the children this year! They both got the Zhu Zhu fun houses and accessories to go with their Zhu Zhu pets. Ayla also got the Princess and the frog DVD and Brennan got the Toy Story DVD. I only put Jeally beans in their baskets because #1 they do not need alot of junk to eat and #2 I knew if they had candy, they would NOT eat breakfast and #3 it would just be a huge fight before Church so I decided to just leave it out. Bad Mom, I know!








After Church I tried to get a few pictures of the kids together, yeah that was NOT happening. I can rarely get one of them together anymore. Brennan is on the move at ALL TIMES! Kaleb went straight in the house and changed his clothes so he did not cooperate either!





We had my family over for Easter dinner. It was a beautiful day, we were able to sit outside and talk and enjoy the nice weather. And of course we had ANOTHER Easter egg hunt..lol. Ayla put her dress on inside out and backwards and refused to put it on right. I finally just gave up and let her wear it like that. Oh well, you pick and choose your battles, right? It was too hot and I was too tired, so I just let her wear it like that. I mean seriously, I didn't really want any nice Easter pictures in her Easter Dress anyway...

Like the dress, it's a new look I guess!!


My sister and her hubby Neil

My Mom and nephew Kurt

The Family

Kurt and Samantha


My niece Angel

The handsome boy


If you have made it this far, thank you for suffering through!! Trust me my fingers are suffering from copying and pasting all of these pictures!! I am officially finished with Easter pictures now!! Hope everyone is having a great week!


Kimberly said...

great pictures! you have a beautiful family! love the Easter dress!

Brandi said...

What great pics. Glad the dog made the pics..to cute! I can't get a good pic of my 3 kids either..ugh. Looks like you guys had fun.

Amanda M. said...

The pictures are beautiful and it looks like an absolutely wonderful day, Lesli!!!

Lauren said...

Looks like such a nice time! Mr. Bunny didn't bring much candy for my three kiddos either...because I just end up eating it all! Ha!

carissa @ lowercase letters said...

what a precious family you have!!! ayla's dress couldn't be any cuter! your kid's made out on easter. so glad you had a great celebration!

Erin said...

Hi! Thanks for the sweet comment! So glad I found your blog! You have 3 precious children!! BTW, I was reading back on your posts and saw you are a Mini Boden lover - ME TOO! I actually just discovered them and made my first purchase last week! You'll have to let me know when you sell some of yours on ebay!! :-) You have a new follower!!

Erin said...

Looks like a great time and it looks like the easter bunny sure was good to the kids this year!!!!

Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

Anonymous said...

great pictures sweet girl! Yes I got your email! Im pooped Ill email you back tomorrow!!! Hope you have a great friday!

Paige said...

I love all the family pictures! Your kids were very blessed by the Easter bunny this year! Charli got two of those pets for her birthday last weekend and I despise them already. Why do they moo like a cow? They drive me nuts.

Meant to be a mom said...

Your kids are adorable. I love how your daughter's dress is inside out. :)
You have quite the adorable family!

HB Deal said...

What an awesome post! LOVE all the pics. Didn't get the good pics I wanted either. LOL I could eat Ayla in the pic with the Reese pieces and eat Brennen on the slide! TOO CUTE!!

Anonymous said...

That is so funny about Ayla doing that with her dress!!haha....Both of my girls do this very often~~ ha...Mallory will say "mom I like it this way"........SO sometimes I let her way it the way she likes it!lol....Mot all the time, like if we are going to out to eat or something.......but other times I will......Hope you are having a greta weekend!! I'm fixing to email you back!

Jen said...

What cute pictures! Thanks for stopping by my blog :) You have a new follower now too!

Amy said...

I think it is GREAT that you just let her leave her dress on backwards! THAT is a fun Easter memory, better than any ol morning before church with a fake smile!:)

I'm glad you had a fun Easter! Beautiful family!

christy rose said...

Great pictures! It looks like you all had a beautiful day!!
I never used to put candy in my kids Easter baskets when they were younger either. I knew they would get plenty in the eggs that they found. Now that they are older, I put some goooood candy in them. :)

dawn said...

what a fun easter you had! i can't believe it was over a week ago! time is flying by! it was really hard for me to get pictures of my kids dressed for the day also.

sanjeet said...

What great pics.
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