Apr 10, 2010

I Scream, You Scream



One day earlier this summer, I promised to take Ayla and Brennan to the Clay Center to play and watch a movie. They have a free day every year on their Anniversary and I planned to take the kids on that day. I kept telling Ayla about it (mistake) and she was so excited to go. We have been there several times and she remembers the Clay Center quite well.For those of you who don't know, the Clay Center is a 240,000 square foot Center for the Arts & Sciences. The Center houses the performing arts, visual arts and the sciences. They have a huge play area for the children with a ball pit, a bridge and tunnels to crawl through.

clay center 1

So it turns out that I got the dates mixed up and when we got there we discovered that in fact it WAS NOT the free day. We decided to leave and come back on the actual free day. Ayla had a major meltdown. She was screaming and crying and nothing I said made her happy.



I had the bright idea to go get an ice cream.


Ayla thought this was a great idea and the tears immediately stopped !


You see our kids have never had an ice cream cone before, just bites here and there...


It definitely made up for the Clay Center fiasco, Don't you think?

(*FYI-this post was from last summer, It was still in draft, so I thought I would finish it! Took me long enough hu?)


Kimberly said...

ice cream cures everything!! great idea!

Lauren said...

Ice cream ALWAYS saves the day! Oh, I could live on just ice cream! YUM-O!

Allyson said...

Love the pictures! So cute!

christy rose said...

Everybody needs a little ice cream sometimes!! LOL If you haven't heard, it can be really good for the soul sometimes too! :) Love the pictures of your kids. They are so darn cute!!!

Whitney said...

That cracks me up that this post was from last summer! I love that you just posted it! Ice cream is definitely a life saver sometimes! :)

dawn said...

ice cream always makes everything better! just a few weeks ago, we were having a bad day and we had ice cream for lunch, that is something that rarely happens here, but it did that day!

i have lots of posts still in draft form and have yet to post!!! it was still fun reading it even if it was from last summer!

many blessings!!!

Anonymous said...

WE LOVE icecream!! Liek we all 4 could eat at every day!!! haha.Every day i hear.mommy i want i ceam!!! haha..hope your having a great monday! Hope you can join in on one of my motivational mondays sometime!

Heather said...

I am cracking up about how this post was from last year!! :) YAY for ice cream, it fixes most everything!

sanjeet said...

great idea!
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