Oct 31, 2008

Trick or Treat

Brennan enjoying one of his "treats" and making his rounds.............

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Ayla collecting all of her candy

and stopping to smile for the camera!!!

Isn't she the cutest bunny you have ever seen?

Here is a little video!!

It was a successful Halloween night. I was not sure how Ayla would do but once again to my surprise, she had a great time. She even said "trick or treat to everyone" followed by a polite thank you! Once she learned that she would get candy from everyone, she was on board!! Of course she always got a little extra just because she is so darn cute!! We only took her down one street in our neighborhood and she did great except for when she saw someone dressed up a little scary. I then picked her up until the scary person passed. Every time she saw a duck, puppy, etc.. she would tell me "mommy duck quack quack"..or mommy there's a doggy...it was so cute! Brennan just tagged along watching everybody. He had on his little mechanic looking coveralls. I have had them for a while so I thought they would be cute for Halloween. My mom kept saying he was the UPS man..hehe. It was a good time but very cold so we didn't get to stay out too long!! I just hope that Ayla doesn't think that trick or treat is EVERY night!!
Ayla is still doing good. Brennan and I are fighting a cold and of course it couldn't come at a worse time. I am praying that Ayla does not get sick...enjoy the Halloween pics, oh and I posted a little video at the end of Ayla. I have a neat video feature on my camera(the only thing I like about it), and I was just seeing if I could post it and it worked!!

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