Jun 27, 2009

Ayla Update


We are on week three of the Enbrel injections and we have been very pleased with the results thus far! The swelling in her knee is down and she can almost straighten her right arm all the way out! She is walking and running more than she ever has, in fact she walked around our subdivision a few days ago which is a half of a mile. That is awesome for her considering other times she has asked to be carried because her feet hurt.

In addition to the Enbrel, she is still getting Methotrexate injections as well so we just do them both on the same night. One injection in the right thigh and one in the left.
She is becoming quite the trooper. She knows when Daddy puts the emla cream(topical numbing cream) on (which she calls lotion) that she will be getting her medicine. Most of the time when John gets ready to do the injection, I can keep her attention and she doesn't even feel the shot. She cries a little bit, but nothing that a chocolate chip cookie can't cure!!! After her injection, she always says, "That medicine will make me feel better" and then she adds, "Thank you Daddy". John and I will just look at each other trying to hold back tears, it just breaks our hearts. She has such a sweet spirit, especially with everything she has been through!

I mean seriously though , look at this face, she know's she can get what she wants on medicine night (like the car she is on in the previous pictures) Um hum, oh yes, she is catching on QUICK!

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Jacob's Mom said...

WOW look at her laying there so calmly!! I am so glad to hear she is doing so well. I hope she continues to improve everyday!