Jun 29, 2009


A couple of weeks ago John's sister Kelly and her three girls were in to visit from Michigan! We do not get to see them often, they have been in Michigan for a little over a year and before that they lived out of the country in Albania for eight years. In a few weeks, they will be moving once again to California!!


Here is Ayla and her cousins, Maggie, Madison and Morgan. Madison and Morgan are twins! I just love this picture, it turned out so well!! Normally Ayla runs from the camera when I have it out!


Ahh.. .now the picture is complete with Brennan (Kaleb was out of town)... it was so funny, he loved sitting on Maggie's lap and was soaking up all of the attention the girls were giving him. Oh, I think he is definitely going to be a ladies man!!

Maggie and Brennan


Maggie didn't want to leave because Brennan was loving on her so much!!

This is John and his sister. Don't they look like twins?

Family picture with the parents. (Grandma and Grandpa) I thought this picture turned out so well, so I wanted to add it. We are just missing Kevin, John's brother, he was not over on this day. It was so good to see Kelly and the girls, I wish we could have spent more time with them, the week was over way too fast!

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